Lyrics Meant So Much

Wow! It’s been a while. Sorry about that. Here is a great quote to make up for being away:

Film maker Kevin Smith's & wife Jennfer's daughter Harley

Film maker Kevin Smith’s & wife Jennfer’s daughter Harley

“In applying to this camp that she went to [a girls rock and roll camp], she first had to write an ‘express herself’ piece on what music means to her, and it was so incredibly charming. She had written about what the music of My Chemical Romance did for her in regards to her personal expression or what she was going through at the time, how the lyrics meant so much to her. And then she wrote that she wanted to be there for other people.” – Harley Quinn Smith’s mother Jennifer Schwalbach on Smodcast Plus One show #34

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Military Fan Culture

8-bit-salute-box-logo_tnYes, the military is a serious business. They volunteer their lives to protect citizens, so of course it’s serious. But people in the military still have pop culture interests and their stories matter. First, there’s The Veterans of Comedy group, who talk about popular acts in comedy like SNL and George Carlin inspiring them to do stand up and give back to veteran charities. You can read more about the trio HERE. Next, here’s a story on how you can help the military and have fun playing video games. If you take place in 8-Bit Salute event from Operation Supply Drop, you will help an awesome charity make the lives of soldiers a little easier. Go HERE to get info, sign up or support other teams.

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Fans in the News – April 2015

It’s been a while, but the Fans in the News segment is back!

Britney Spears shares condolences on the passing of her fan, Cory Moraw, via Twitter.

Britney Spears shares condolences on the passing of her fan, Cory Moraw, via Twitter.

First, we have an amusing SNL skit that aired last night wherein Michael Keaton hosts and SNL cast perform a music number asking the actor to reprise his Batman and Beetlejuice roles. When the guest host finally did so, the cast members “mark out”, which I’m sure is how the viewers felt, who also love these movies just as much. Read more about it HERE.

Second, with The Walking Dead‘s Season 5 finale happening last week, hardcore fans of the very large TWD Family are all reeling until they can get more episodes. Included in this hoard of fans is Nathan Fillion, from Firefly and Doctor Horrible. The actor wrote a beautiful “love letter” to the people who make the show and what the show means to the fans who watch it HERE.

Last, but certainly not least – news has spread that Britney Spears fan Cory Moraw of Texas passed away today. Cory gained some spotlight attention when the pop star arranged for the terminally ill fan, and his family, to come see her show in Las Vegas and meet her (story HERE). Cory’s mother, Janet, posted on Facebook of the loss – “We are asking that everyone to wear their Tatum Eagles shirts when we do the funeral,” as Cory was known to have a lot of school spirit and was well loved by others. Rest in peace, Cory!

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Everything’s Gonna Be Fine

Blink182 performed at historic venue SOMA in San Diego in March 2015. Photo credit Amanda Rosenblatt.

Blink182 performed at historic venue SOMA in San Diego in March 2015. Photo credit Amanda Rosenblatt.

Long standing band Blink182 has seen it’s fair share of breakups and shakeups during their career. 2015 has been no different. Despite some inner trauma, the band has regrouped with a new member (even if temporarily) and have been performing around Southern California in March. Amanda at has been a fan for 15 years and attended the event.

Day-camping out for the event from 10:30 in the morning the day of the show, other fellow fans had some great stories. There was Dakota, who came all the way from Alabama. It was his first time ever in California and only his second concert ever seeing Blink182. Fans of the band know that it is difficult to see them live, due to the earlier referenced issues the band internally has. Dakota also is pretty popular in the fan community because his tattoo has been seen and shared by the band on their Instagram account.

The steel Mark Hoppus octopus made by Blink182 fan Anthony. Photo credit to Anthony Borders.

The steel Mark Hoppus octopus made by Blink182 fan Anthony. Photo credit to Anthony Borders.

Another fan, Troy, had met Dakota only a few days prior, but the pair traveled out to California together, having discovered through mutual friends that they were both huge Blink182 fans. Then there is Anthony, who came all the way from Colorado for the Southern California shows. He even crafted a steel sculpture depicting Mark Hoppus’ trademark octopus, that he was able to get backstage to him at a show that took place a few days prior to the SOMA gig.

Troy, Dakota, Anthony and Amanda of had the privilege of meeting Mark and Travis Barker from the band after the show. Mark confirmed to Anthony that he got the sculpture and Amanda got to share an anecdote about their music, which Mark appreciated. To view the video, CLICK HERE, and be sure to like/share it!

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What the Busker?!

Photo credit Amanda Rosenblatt

Photo credit Amanda Rosenblatt

Show business can be tough, and no one knows this more than a busker. Nerdy Noah aka Noah Royak has been perfecting the art of street performing and puts on an amazing show.

“A busker is an English term for a street performer and a person who entertains,” Noah explained to Fan Culture. “I did acting in high school and in Florida, I found it hard to make a living off of that, so I started street performing.”

Photo credit Amanda Rosenblatt

Photo credit Amanda Rosenblatt

Being a profession where your salary depends literally on your face-to-face audience, has Noah seen a pay off? “I have a Facebook page and there are people there who tag me in stuff all the time and come to shows.”

See the exclusive Fan Culture video of Noah and other buskers performing in San Diego HERE. Visit Noah at his website HERE or on Facebook HERE.

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Throwback Thursday – iJustine

San Diego Comic Con 2015 broke their record by selling out of tickets within an hour this past week, much to the dismay of realistically millions of pop culture lovers the world over. I have good news though – most of the time, the most exciting and fun stuff happens outside of the convention and it’s most of the time FREE to the public! This is a story for another time though.

Shot from interviewing iJustine at SDCC 2011

Shot from interviewing iJustine at SDCC 2011

For now, this edition of Throwback Thursday is dedicated to a San Diego Comic Con interview that took place with Fan-Culture back in 2011, and to prove my earlier point, it took place outside of the convention center. iJustine, who is a YouTube personality, social media maven, soon to be author, Annoying Orange voiceover artist, has been on Maxim’s Hot 100, Steve Job/Apple tech fanatic, & has been a spokesperson for a number of corporate campaigns, shared her favorite thing about SDCC.

“Honestly, Comic Con for me, is seeing people in costume,” iJ aka Justine Ezarik shared, “and for some reason, I don’t know why, I never dress up. But next year, I am dressing up!”

Did she have any concrete ideas for the costume? “I think I want to be the Little Mermaid. I saw a really good Little Mermaid today!” Since she started her career sharing with viewers pieces of her day to day life, she surely had her night planned, right? “I don’t know yet! There are so many parties and events going on, so I’ll be checking out Twitter. And hey, I’m pretty good at that!”

Check out iJustine’s website HERE, her main YouTube channel HERE & follow her on Twitter HERE. Preorder her much anticipated book HERE!

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Throwback Thursday – Morgan Spurlock

Morgan Spurlock with a Simpsons fan for a fan culture themed documentary.

Morgan Spurlock with a Simpsons fan for a fan culture themed documentary. Click for a link to detailed photos!

As part Fan Culture’s new Throwback Thursday series, I will locate old interviews not yet converted to text and share them here. I’m honored that the first in this series will be focused on Morgan Spurlock.

Back in 2011, I twice have had the opportunity to interview Morgan Spurlock, film maker and media personality behind Oscar nominated “SuperSize Me”, FX program “30 Days”, and CNN’s “Inside Man”.

In one of the interviews, Fan Culture specifically got to ask him the following: Without commercialism, would pop culture fanaticism survive? His answer? “That is such a fantastic, philosophical question! Yes, I do think it would, because they are somewhat different things.”

Morgan continues “I think being a fanatic, being somebody who loves ‘BattleStar Galactica’ – I love BSG. You know, it wasn’t commercials that made me love BSG, it was execution, it was creativity…that’s not the same thing that will make people go buy a Gucci bag. They’re very different worlds of influence.”

If you would like to hear all of the Morgan interviews with this site, listen to the radio interview HERE and watch him “fanATOMY” HERE


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