Credit to vvaah on Instagram

Credit to vvaah on Instagram

This is a beautiful shot from inside of a Eagles of Death Metal concert in Paris. This shot was taken likely moments before terrorists entered the French music hall to kill and maim people who came to feel joy and be taken away by the music they love. Instead, they were met with horror, blood and chaos. Someday, maybe this world can be a place where we can all respect each other’s secular and religious beliefs without hurting one another, but all I will say is my thoughts are with Paris – not just those at the concert, but anyone in the city or outside of the city hurt by these events.

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Another Quote about Fans

“Who am I, that I have to sing under an umbrella? These people are my fans, and if they can stand in the rain to hear me sing, I can stand in the rain!” Bobby Darin

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Fans in the News – October 2015


“Put some money on the Cubbies!”

Here is what’s going on in the world of fans, this month:

  • Adam Levine of Maroon 5 surprised one of his youngest fans. A wee little girl was very sad to hear that Adam got married, and of course, her family put the video up on line. The Ellen Show surprised her by having Adam pop in for a visit to her.
  • Here is a touching story of a Raven’s fan helping out an elderly Steelers fan
  • The biggest news that has pop culture nerds rejoicing is that Christopher Lloyd, who is very fan friendly, wants to throw out the first pitch at the World Series if the Cubs play. Why is this significant, and why are the Cubs participating in the fan fare? Because those who are fanatic about Back to the Future will remember that in Part Two when Marty goes with Doc to the year 2015, the Cubs won the World Series via a holographic news report.


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Updated List

Added some great TV shows that talk about the subject of fan culture HERE

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Again – The Bronies are Alright

Do you still think that Bronies aka adult male fans of “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” are lame, not masculine, anti-social, and have no lives? A related question – what’s it like, being stuck back in 2010?

Dustykatt AKA the manliest Brony in the world, next to a very beefy, body-building MLP cosplayer. Photo from @Dusty_Kat on Twitter.

Dustykatt AKA the manliest Brony in the world, next to a very beefy, body-building MLP cosplayer. Photo from @Dusty_Kat on Twitter.

Here are three YouTube channels from YouTube that will shatter any stereotypes you have about Bronies:

Saberspark:  This Brony is likely known for his appearance talking about sociology and gender roles for kids in “A Brony Tale”, a documentary on Netflix from Morgan Spurlock’s company Warrior Poets. In the Brony fan community, he is known for his quirky (bordering on dark) humor in his videos, but also his “feud” with MLP show writer MA Larson. Saberspark has 77.2k subscribers and over 10 million views.

 ACRacebest: This YouTuber is best known for his Bronies React series where he gets a majority of males who are well known in this fan base together to react to episodes of MLP, as well as older generation MLP content and fan created content. He was also brave enough to ask a bunch of foul-mouthed drunk people in Vegas questions about MLP with hilarious results in this video.

ACRacebest & Saberspark next to a smashed demolition car painted like Fluttershy of MLP. Photo from @Toodles3702 on Twitter

ACRacebest & Saberspark next to a smashed demolition car painted like Fluttershy of MLP. Photo from @Toodles3702 on Twitter

ACRacebest also runs a side series about his demolition derby racing on his channel called The Low Budgets. Watch this video where he participates in a rally with Saberspark as a special guest – it’s wild! ACRacebest has 88.5k subscribers and over 17 million views.

Dustykatt Rhoades: Known as the manliest Brony in the world, Dustykatt has been interviewed in two popular Brony documentaries and has been on WWE’s Culture Shock program with Corey Graves. He is known for mentoring younger Bronies who are insecure about society’s judgements to this fan group and often does vlogcasts to the fan community where he encourages charity measures and interviews high profile people. Dustykatt has 19k subscribers and almost 2 million views.

 Honorable mentions: BlackGryph0n has served in the military for years and has helped with Military Bronies React videos. He is a great musician, often collaborates with MLP voice artist Michelle Creber, and is a fixture in the fan community with 20 million views and 100k subscribers at his channel. Also, ACRacebest’s girlfriend Sara, nicknamed Toodles, is a great example to close-minded naysayers that not all Bronies are gay, as goes the tired, unfair and completely unfounded stereotype. She also participates in demolition derbies with him and helps ACRacebest film some of his videos. She also introduced ACRacebest to MLP herself, so there goes the stereotype she is being dragged along with his antics.

If you are still are not convinced after reading this piece and seeing some of videos of these Bronies that they are totally normal, then here is a question for you: Do you still watch Disney movies as an adult, even if you don’t have kids, but still enjoy them? Or cartoons like Bob’s Burgers, The Simpsons, or old 1990’s Nickelodeon shows? Then what’s the problem? Think about it. *mind blown*

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As I Am: DJ AM


DJ AM sticker, courtesy of the Goldstein family, after donating to DJ AM’s memorial foundation after his passing.

I admit with guilt, that I wasn’t a big fan of DJ AM until after his plane crash. Not because I wanted to be a band wagon fan, but because I had barely heard of him until that point. I’ve always been a huge Blink182 fan, but at that time, had been guilty of not really following Mark, Travis and Tom’s side projects. When I heard of Travis surviving a plane crash alongside DJ AM, it was shocking and I was amazed they had survived. I then learned of DJ AM’s life story and I was very inspired.

I had the opportunity in my senior year of college to go a few blocks down the street to see DJ AM aka Adam Goldstein perform at the Gypsy bar in Boston. Because I was focused on homework and being the manager of my college radio station, I was strict on myself and decided not to go, especially since I had just quit my part time job to focus on studies and wanted to save money. A few months later after graduating, DJ AM performed at the Monet Lounge in Providence, which was 15 minutes away from where I was living. Due to not having a car and not wanting to bother any friends to give me a ride, I told myself “I’ll catch him next time.”

There would be no next time. DJ AM passed away in August of 2009.

A blurry shot after meeting Travis Barker of Blink182 & fellow plane crash survivor to DJ AM

Blurry shot after meeting Travis Barker of Blink182 & fellow plane crash survivor

How devastated I was to never get a chance to meet this inspiring person. Someone who overcame obesity, drug abuse, familial abuse & poverty.

What if I had? Would my getting to say to him “you should be proud of the awful things you’ve overcome and I’m glad you’re still here” made any difference? I got to meet Travis Barker, the other plane crash survivor, in March of this year and say these words to his face. He lit up with a smile, telling me it was the nicest thing he ever heard from a fan.

This month will be six years after his passing and earlier this year, I had an epiphany. I owned a piece of DJ AM’s history – a record from his massive collection that was being sold on eBay to benefit his memorial foundation a few years before. I loved that I owned it and lovingly had framed it, but upon moving to the west coast, the frame broke. The record miraculously survived, but I realized it was selfish to hang on to this piece of history, especially when it nearly broke. I donated it to a company looking to preserve the history of deceased celebrities of Hollywood, called Dearly Departed.

You can understand how excited I was to hear of “As I Am,” a documentary on DJ AM’s life. Problem is that they need more funding so the film can actually happen. Please donate by clicking here and spread word. There’s 18 days left and 20% more funding to go!

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YouTuber does Ten Push Ups for Female Veterans

YouTuber, author and actor Flula is the first celebrity to take the 10 Push Ups or $10 challenge for Final Salute, Inc – an organization helping to prevent female veteran homelessness, or to get female vets off the street. The organization holds an annual competition each year called Miss Veteran America and this 10 Push Ups or $10 movement came about when the social media runner for company VA Home Loan Centers accidentally called the competition a “pageant” and was ordered to do 10 push ups for the mistake, which she complied with in this video.

Flula had a leading role in “Pitch Perfect 2”, has over 71 millions views and over 606k subscribers on YouTube. Be like Flula and take the challenge today!

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