Super Bowl 50

Many people love football, but I think it’s safe to say there are those who tune in more for Super Bowl commercials. AMIRIGHT? Out of them all, my favorite is the Super Bowl Babies ad, as it focuses on the babies who were born 9 months in the vicinity of the area that celebrates their local Super Bowl winner. Brings new meaning to the insult of “get a life” when people make fun of those who are big fans of sports – these fans CREATED life! Awesome stuff!

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Fan Tattoos

IMG_5273Been meaning to dedicate posts purely to the latest, cool fan tattoo I’ve come across, so let’s start, shall we?!

Check out this one a fan has of Wolverine meshed with Tigger. I came across him in a Starbucks in Santee, CA. Just so cool!

If you want to submit yours, or you see one that is cool, please tweet me at @fanDASHculture

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Funko Funatic (Fanatic) of the Week

Travelphotography (3)Did you know that Funko, the toy company that makes Pop! figures and other cute replicas of your favorite pop culture icons, has a Funatic AKA Fanatic of the Week contest?

Every week, they choose a fan with an interesting story or massive collection of Funko items to feature on their site and social media. Even cooler than that? They also send a catered prize to the winner! Check out more details, and how to enter, by watching this video:

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Updated Films & TV Lists

Even more TV shows & movies you can catch glimpses of pop culture fanaticism. Check out the updated TV list HERE and the movie list HERE.

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Dating Your Fans

concert-768722_1280In this recent article, Jake T. Austin of such shows as Wizards of Waverly Place and The Fosters disclosed through social media that he was dating a fan of his (the article itself is a bit snide about it). They met at an autograph signing and apparently became familiar with each other on social media over the years.

Is it appropriate or wise for a public figure to date a fan?

Here are some examples that it’s really not that odd of a notion:

  1. YouTuber Boogie2988 is the first, more down-to-Earth example, who often credits his YouTube career for bringing his wife Dez to him, as she discovered his videos when she was depressed and trying to cope with the loss of someone in her life. You can even see him using YouTube to propose to her in this video. Now, she plays the voice of his sister in his hilarious, unhinged Francis videos.
  2. Anne Hathaway, through some friends, found her husband some years ago. It is reported he was a HUGE fan of hers before they met. She is now pregnant with their child!
  3. Nicolas Cage met his wife when she was a waitress. They are still together and have had a child, despite some serious financial problems Nicolas has gone through over the years. Now, we just need to get his wife Alice to help him with his choice of films he takes part in…
  4. Jessica Alba met her husband and father of her children when he was a production assistant and was reportedly a big fan of hers before they met.
  5. Matt Damon hit it off with a Miami bartender when he was ironically trying to get away from a pack of eager fans. It just so happens she also was a fan of his work before they got together more than a decade ago. It’s like something out of Casablanca – “Of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world, HE walks into mine.”
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Happy Holidays, Fellow Fans!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays & all that whatnot. I know this holiday season is about MORE than gifts, but I hope you guys get what you want this year. Even if it’s more peace on Earth and towards each other.


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