On Hiatus…Again

wuhHi everyone. Due to an unexpected lay off (yes, another one) then heading back East to see family, coming back West, then getting sick, being on the employment hunt again, AND the holidays around the corner, Fan Culture has taken a back seat. I will return and am sorry for the lack of content.

Kesha & Marilyn Monroe: 6 Decades Between

Entertainment these days is largely based on the concept of “what goes around will always come back”. Many modern forms of media are recycled – sound bytes from one song in another song, sequels, prequels, remakes, adaptations. A lot of what happens in pop culture bears repeating.

Graphic creator wishes to keep his contribution Anonymous. Donated to Fan-Culture.org

Graphic creator wishes to keep his contribution Anonymous. Donated to Fan-Culture.org

A current legal case in the entertainment industry is proving to, as Britt Julious of The Guardian calls it, be “radical, even revolutionary”. Kesha aka Ke$ha, the singer of hits like “Tik Tok” and “Timber”, has sued her producer Dr. Luke for charges such as sexual harassment, unfair business practices and abuse.

Though a lot of people are surprised by Kesha’s bold move to gain freedom with her creativity and away from personal oppression, her saga can be compared to another famous blonde. Exactly 60 years ago, the iconic Marilyn Monroe fought her own battle for creative control, and if you are thinking the comparison is far fetched, read on:

1) Right to Creativity & Unfair Contracts – In 1954, Marilyn Monroe covertly moved to New York away from the public eye where she made her own production company with photographer friend Milton Greene. She did so as a sign of rebellion against an unfair contract with MGM where she was paid lower amounts than her costars, made to constantly do comedies and was paraded around like a show pony for them. In 2014, after publicly stating to Rollingstone Magazine the year before that she had no creative control, Kesha escapes the public eye to rehab in Illinois for an eating disorder, emerging healthy and files a lawsuit against Dr Luke and Kemosabe Records. Kesha has stated before that she wishes to release material that would make the public take her more seriously and that her monetary percentages as an artist and song writer are unfair.

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Kira’s Gonna Shake Shake Shake Shake Shake

Taylor Swift in the music video "Shake It Off" with fans

Taylor Swift in the music video “Shake It Off” with fans

You’ve no doubt had it stuck in your head from the radio lately and you may have even have had a peak of the eclectic and satirical music video that has had 206 Million plus views on YouTube. Either way, it is obvious that you have heard or heard *of* “Shake it Off” by Taylor Swift. What you may not know is an interesting back story behind the music video.

Around the 3 minute and 10 second mark of the video HERE, you see Taylor dressed in a simple black outfit surrounded by a white background with a bunch of kids dancing around her wearing colorful clothes. These are fans of hers, sought out by her fan club Taylor Nation. Kira Morrison is one of these fans.

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Knock Knock

Hi everyone. I’m back :) I will soon be posting at least once a week. I will first be premiering with a piece about my friend Kira – she is making a name for herself as a musician and had an incredible opportunity recently to be in a Taylor Swift music video. Stay tuned!

Sleepy Fan Girl Needs Hiatus

Sketch from RedField1990 on DeviantArt

Sleepy Girl Sketch from RedField1990 on DeviantArt

Hi, my lovely readers. It’s probably obvious, since I have not posted anything here in over a month, but I am a tad bit burnt out on blogging, at the moment. I have been in the midst of a pretty big life change. I am an East Coast transplant now living on the West Coast, just started a job that is amazing, and enjoying a live-in relationship that had previously been a LDR for over a year (and said relationship would not have happened without my pop culture fan promo). It’s a wonderful time, but has sadly left me slacking on keeping up Fan Culture. I will be back. When? Don’t know. But I will be! Until then, check out my other fan projects I will be keeping up on at:

  • Singularity Fan Pages, a Josh Gates fan site HERE
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Love you all! Thanks for understanding, or wanting to know, what is means to be a fan :) -Amanda 

The Walking Dead BBQ at SDCC 2014

I was extremely fortunate, thanks to a friend’s tip and arriving early, that I got a wrist band to attend AMC’s The Walking Dead BBQ on Friday of SDCC 2014. They were only holding this event Friday and Saturday nights of the Con with 200 guests each night. That’s 200 each day out of over 100,000 people who ascend upon the Con each year. Here is my video of the event, including a surprise appearance by the cast!