Knock Knock

Hi everyone. I’m back :) I will soon be posting at least once a week. I will first be premiering with a piece about my friend Kira – she is making a name for herself as a musician and had an incredible opportunity recently to be in a Taylor Swift music video. Stay tuned!

Sleepy Fan Girl Needs Hiatus

Sketch from RedField1990 on DeviantArt

Sleepy Girl Sketch from RedField1990 on DeviantArt

Hi, my lovely readers. It’s probably obvious, since I have not posted anything here in over a month, but I am a tad bit burnt out on blogging, at the moment. I have been in the midst of a pretty big life change. I am an East Coast transplant now living on the West Coast, just started a job that is amazing, and enjoying a live-in relationship that had previously been a LDR for over a year (and said relationship would not have happened without my pop culture fan promo). It’s a wonderful time, but has sadly left me slacking on keeping up Fan Culture. I will be back. When? Don’t know. But I will be! Until then, check out my other fan projects I will be keeping up on at:

  • Singularity Fan Pages, a Josh Gates fan site HERE
  • Twitter accounts for Singularity HERE (more active account HERE)
  • Kesha Fan Radio podcast HERE
  • Contributor for The Arnold Fans HERE 
  • My Walking Dead fan doc HERE and other TWD videos HERE

Love you all! Thanks for understanding, or wanting to know, what is means to be a fan :) -Amanda 

The Walking Dead BBQ at SDCC 2014

I was extremely fortunate, thanks to a friend’s tip and arriving early, that I got a wrist band to attend AMC’s The Walking Dead BBQ on Friday of SDCC 2014. They were only holding this event Friday and Saturday nights of the Con with 200 guests each night. That’s 200 each day out of over 100,000 people who ascend upon the Con each year. Here is my video of the event, including a surprise appearance by the cast!

Fans in the News Third Week of June 2014

The Force is strong with this family! Photo from Amanda Rosenblatt

The Force is strong with this family! Photo from Amanda Rosenblatt

There really is no other news worthy of this post except the story of the fan who was trapped in an airport overnight, shot/edited his own spoof video of a Celine Dion song, and had the singer herself respond to it. Game, set, match. You can see both his video and her response video HERE. Also, enjoy the photo of another fan culture decal-ed car I came across :)