The Walking Dead BBQ at SDCC 2014

I was extremely fortunate, thanks to a friend’s tip and arriving early, that I got a wrist band to attend AMC’s The Walking Dead BBQ on Friday of SDCC 2014. They were only holding this event Friday and Saturday nights of the Con with 200 guests each night. That’s 200 each day out of over 100,000 people who ascend upon the Con each year. Here is my video of the event, including a surprise appearance by the cast!

Fans in the News Third Week of June 2014

The Force is strong with this family! Photo from Amanda Rosenblatt

The Force is strong with this family! Photo from Amanda Rosenblatt

There really is no other news worthy of this post except the story of the fan who was trapped in an airport overnight, shot/edited his own spoof video of a Celine Dion song, and had the singer herself respond to it. Game, set, match. You can see both his video and her response video HERE. Also, enjoy the photo of another fan culture decal-ed car I came across :)

Sealed with a KISS

There were many inspirations in the birthing of, and pop culture representations of alike people, IE fans, was definitely one of them. “Detroit Rock City” was one of the first films I’ve watched where fans were the center of the plot. At TerrorConRI, I happened upon the writer of the film, Carl V. Dupre.

carlv“It was sort of autobiographical,” Carl says of the film in our interview (HERE). “I grew up in the late 1970s, early 1980s, and I loved the late 1970s culture, and that was when I went to see my first KISS concert.”

“I was much younger than the kids were in this movie,” the screenwriter continues, in comparison to the characters he wrote for the film. “I was really inspired by movies like ‘I Wanna Hold Your Hand’, and ‘Rock & Roll High School’ and all these movies that had a sort of Holy Grail, like in ‘R&RHS’ it was The Ramones, ‘IWHYH’ was The Beatles.”

Carl speaks further in the interview about his luck and happenstance connection in order to make this movie a reality. “It was an incredible experience,” he says happily. “They [KISS] gave us all this excitement in our youth, and we were able to give it back. That’s what being a fan is all about. The tribute.” Follow Carl on Twitter HERE.


Come Hither & Witness Chuck DeClown

Chuck DeClown is ready for his close up. Photo by Amanda Rosenblatt.

Chuck DeClown is ready for his close up. Photo by Amanda Rosenblatt.

If you are a regular with the New England horror convention circuit, you’re going to be familiar with this terrifying, umm, beautiful face. Chuck DeClown sat down with to talk about what makes him a horror host with the most.

“What do I DO?” The colorful creep-ster asked incredulously. “What do I NOT do? I’m into everything and everyone – not EVERYONE. I’m not gay. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. But hey, you know what, I’m here!”

Chuck’s great comedic timing on the spot is crucial with his participation in The Chuckles and Laughs Show on YouTube (HERE). You can also check out his improv skills in this video (HERE) where he was asked to express his views on Pennywise the Clown from the “Stephen King’s IT” franchise. Suffice it to say, adult language is used.

The main interview video with Chuck can be viewed HERE. More photos of Chuck after the page break:

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