If the shirt fits…

(Photo Credit to HeraldSun.com.au) Bizarre fan story from the sports world recently. The teenage girl in this photo, a fanatic of tennis player  Novak Djokovic, was attending the Australian Open final and was about to have an amazing moment. That was until the out-stretched hands of an adult interfered with it.

Young fan Melissa Cook was cheering for her favorite athlete and was elated when he began to walk over and geared up to throw her his shirt. Then, in a moment you can watch and read further about here, a grown woman nonchalantly reaches out and grabs the garment. It’s like a horrific train wreck and you can’t help but watch over and over as you grow more disgusted.

After the shirt-snatcher’s public reply to the teenager that “such is life” and she was keeping the shirt, she to no surprise experienced a backlash of supposedly horrific harassment, so she put the shirt up for auction with the proceeds going to charity. The winner of the shirt? Cook’s parents. Read more about the outcome after the first wave of backlash here. What are your thoughts?


About Amanda Rosenblatt

I have always been obsessed with fan stories, the origin of fanaticism and pop culture in general.
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One Response to If the shirt fits…

  1. I still want to smack the senses into that woman and tell her “such is life”. I think she’ll learn that what she did was horrible. Glad the parents got the shirt back for her though. Too bad they had to pay. They should make sure that woman donates that money like she claimed.

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