Fan Story – Ryan

(Photo from This post is about an amazingly dedicated Lady Gaga fan who serves as an example of how fans within a community truly connect with one another and what their fandom gives back to them.

I first became aware of Ryan in the summer of 2010 when I came across his YouTube videos about meeting Gaga. I got in touch with him and he gladly agreed to do an interview with me about his fandom and being a Little Monster (you can listen to and download the special HERE).  Within our talk, he discussed how in many ways Gaga has changed the negatives in his life, and especially one point in his life where he thought he would never walk again due to a mystery illness:

In all honesty, I had given up on meself…whatever the doctors and hospitals were saying, I just wasn’t listening, to be honest because I had been told that many things. I was miserable in hospital…nothing could cheer me up, but this one day I checked me Twitter messages and I’d seen two get well messages from Gaga. I screamed and I cried and the nurses come running in with medication, like ‘What’s wrong with your arm!?’ and I’m like no, Lady Gaga’s just messaged me!

Ryan is a very well known fan, or “big name fan” sociologically speaking, in the Little Monster community. As the head runner of, he boasts over 738,000 views on YouTube, over 17,000 followers on Twitter and nearly 4,000 friends on Facebook, as well as being dubbed by Gaga herself as a super fan who even got to listen to her album Born This Way months before it was released. Yet with all this attention on him, he’s never acted above any other fan. Ryan constantly spreads the message through his wide audience the true principles of being a Little Monster, which are among many values to be true to yourself, to treat others with equality and to always be creative.

You can also check out a video I edited in 2010 with just some of Ryan’s amazing experiences with Gaga and other fans HERE and the second radio special I did with him HERE. (Photo credit Amanda Rosenblatt)


About Amanda Rosenblatt

I have always been obsessed with fan stories, the origin of fanaticism and pop culture in general.
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6 Responses to Fan Story – Ryan

  1. Kathrine says:

    U called dedication the fact that he always gives people wrong information about where Gaga will be in order not to meet her? :/ Plus the fact that he thinks he’s special SO IT’S FINE TO STEP in front of the rest of us??? OH NOT TO FORGET, the fact that he always shows up LAST MINUTE..
    Plus LOL he didnt listen to the album before it was released. What else hmmm,let me think.. oh that’s all for now 🙂

  2. A says:

    Maybe he wants to make sure Gaga is safe? He is special. He’s a little monster. Every little monster is special! He’s an amazing person. Maybe get to know him on a more personal level?

  3. From what I’ve seen in videos, he’s always the one helping out everyone else to get their pictures and keep it orderly. Every interaction I’ve had with Ryan has been a pleasure and everyone I know who’s met him says the same thing. Either way, whether I like him or not, he’s certainly never done anything to ANYONE that I know of to not deserve some love and support. The world would be a better place if we could love one another despite petty issues or differences.

  4. Kathrine says:

    @ A: He wants to keep Gaga safe? ? Im a little monster too , but HEY he gave my friend wrong directions SO WE MISSED GAGA!!! and guess what.. GAGA KNOWS EVERYTHING!!
    @Isabel: he’s not helping anyome 🙂 he always thinks he’s better than the rest of us and everything, watch some videos of him meeting gaga, HE’S ALWAYS IN FRONT OF THE BARRIERS WHY?!?!?! Wtf,there are people who wait for gaga for 5 days or so JUST TO GET A picture but ryan appears pulls everyone back and here we go again. i know people who pay tickets from other countries just to get a picture with her in London but yeayh

  5. I’ve chatted with Ryan once or twice on skype (i doubt he’d remember me)
    but he was really really sweet and helpful. He didn’t act like he was a Superfan. Whatever people may say, i think he deserves a pat on the back for the work hes done for Gaga’s fanbase. That is something you cant deny.
    Ryan, if your reading this, Thank You 🙂

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