His Date With Drew

(photo credit ASiteCalledFred.com)  If you’ve been with Fan-Culture.org from the start, you will most likely remember the inaugural post recommending the documentary “My Date with Drew” about aspiring film maker Brian Herzlinger (pictured with the people who helped him make the film) seeking a date with his celebrity crush Drew Barrymore. Shortly after starting this site and the first post, I was able to speak with Herzlinger, who has since been a correspondant for Jay Leno (samples of his work here) and director of “Baby on Board”.

“I remember going out to dinner with Brett one night,” Herzlinger recalls on when the birth of this documentary idea occurred. “I was like ‘I do not know what else to do!’ … And it was his idea to just start documenting something, and he’s like ‘let’s just go and do it!’

Herzlinger revealed this and more to me in our interview here (download the MP3 by right-clicking the “download this episode” link in blue underneath the video advertisement/logo window). He talked about his path to working in film, his life after “MDWD” and obviously, a lot about his magnum opus.

“I remember, we were sitting at the Hamburger Hamlet in Sherman Oaks and I said to him, you know, I said ‘Stop trying to make me feel better… I just don’t know what to do.’ And that’s one of the best things about having great friends…so he [Brett] was the one who reminded me that I have had a lifelong crush on Drew Barrymore. I wasn’t even thinking about it at that moment because I was just so sad.” 

The interview was a real eye-opener, as well as other free podcasts about him if you search for them under his name on iTunes, and Herzlinger is a true example that following your passions, whether it’s for a future career, your favorite celebrity, or a combination of both, will get you far as long as you’re willing to try. Herzlinger is working on a myriad of projects at the moment and hopes, of course, someday to maybe get Barrymore involved in one of them.


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I have always been obsessed with fan stories, the origin of fanaticism and pop culture in general.
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One Response to His Date With Drew

  1. Brad says:

    a really fun film, not to mention inspirational. I’m glad Mr Herzlinger accomplished his dream and was able to share the journey with the rest of us.

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