Ghost Adventures Fans Targeted

A blogger in Denver felt the need to not only point out that she disapproved of how the GAC Crew (AKA the Ghost Adventures cast featuring Zak Bagans, Aaron Goodwin and Nick Groff on the Travel Channel) acted towards a local historian, but the journalist decided to take a jab at the GAC fan base, killing two ancilary birds with one stone.

States Tiffany Fitzgerald of Denver Westword Blogs:

Maybe pre-interview your sources to make sure their personalities mesh with yours, Douche Bagans … Maybe then I’ll watch your show again, although I’m guessing intelligent women aren’t your target demographic.

Aside from the shall-we-say colloquial nickname given to the show host and the comments made about the cast, do you think it was right of the blogger to single out the GAC fan community? If she hadn’t had a good experience with this “demographic” before writing this article, she sure didn’t make any friends with her comment (check out the comments to see what I mean). Hell hath no fury like a fan community scorned. 

UPDATE: Though some fan comments mirror the fact that the blogger who made the article got to them, there are many voices of reason within the GAC fan community. Jasmine, who made this in response to fans commenting on the article, will be featured in a future interview for this site for her hallowed spot within the GAC fan community.


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12 Responses to Ghost Adventures Fans Targeted

  1. I don’t really watch Ghost Adventures but that is a real rotten thing to say.

  2. I read the fan comments and found that most of those women sounded a lot more intelligent than the writer of that blog. Not even gonna mention the level of immaturity of her ramblings, really I’m not. Oh dear, I just did, didn’t I 0.o

    • Christine N. says:

      we are more intelegent and from the GAC family members i have become friends with i can tell you that we are all well educated hopefully the “author” of that article and in her case i use the term very loosely has learned to actually do more research before she writes so her opinion is more informed on whatever she writes about next and a friendly suggestion to her would be don’t do anymore articles involving the GAC boys or the GAC family

  3. Christine N. says:

    and her implying that the GAC family is uneducated is just amazingly stupid cause from my experience either we have gone through or are goig through college or want to go so we are educated. even if i didn’t consider myself or feel that i was part of the GAC family i would have been very angry to hear any author refer to fans that way it’s just wrong. and i will forever say with pride that i am a member of the GAC family

  4. That is so lame that someone who made a comment about Zak. They should keep their mouth shut.

  5. Cassandra says:

    You people need to calm the hell down. Seriously.

  6. Emily says:

    I love Ghost Adventures! How dare her?! She needs to learn that sometimes you have to keep your mouth shut!

  7. Cille says:

    Come on.. Really?
    Guys, i actually do agree that Zak is somewhat a douche bag. Theres is many times, while watching the show, i feel like slapping Zak. He’s often rude and sarcastic towards the people they interview, and sometimes even towards his own crew, mostly Aaron.
    But honestly, i still watch the show, because.. I love it. It’s a really good show, and it’s so interesting. 🙂

  8. roger says:

    I have seen segments where it seemed Zak was , say overly familiar with folks , in the manner of kidding reserved for friends used to smartalec banter, and I’d like to think the local folks in such scenes are ” in on it”, and
    going along with it, for fun. I hope so, anyway.

  9. Jon says:

    I watched the episode that she was outraged about. The begining of the episode was hilarious and Phil did look kind of crazy by avoiding the actual questions asked by Zak. Not to mention, he never gave any straight answers to any of them.

    This is the last part of the interview with Phil.

    Zak: “Did she hang herself up here, or was it downstairs?”

    Phil: “Again, the 2nd floor was the ballroom. Which was later, the grand dinning room of the restaurant.”

    That was so hilarious! He even aswered Zak as if he was frustarated with the question. He didn’t even answer it! He just made a statement that had no relation to the question, at all. I don’t care what you say, that was too funny.

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