Movies about Fans & Fan Culture

The following is’s list of films to check out that are specifically about fans within pop culture and their lives, whether touching on this subject in a large or small scale. Link to the list will be posted in an update anytime something new is added. The list may include mild spoilers. The list comprises of feature films (film) or documentaries (doc) – many more listed after page break: 

  • Almost Famous, film -a young fan follows a band on the road for Rollingstone Magazine
  • FanBoys, film –a group of Star Wars fans take a road trip to try & sneak into Skywalker Ranch
  • The People Versus George Lucas, doc –about the love/hate relationship Lucas fans have with the creator of the Star Wars series and other films
  • For the Love of Dolly, doc – multiple Dolly Parton fans tell their stories & talk about Dollywood
  • Detroit Rock City, film – high school friends take a 1970’s roadtrip to a KISS concert in Detroit
  • Comic Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope, doc – about Comic Con International & it’s fans

  • Nerdcore Rising, doc – about MC Frontalot growing his music empire with fan interviews
  • Star Wait, doc – fans wait 6 weeks in line for a Star Wars film to be released in Hollywood
  • Trekkies & Trekkies 2, docs – follows the lives and consumer background of Star Trek fans
  • Fever Pitch, film – a Red Sox fan juggles his lifetime sports devotion and his new relationship
  • Twilight in Forks & Destination Forks, docs – about Twilight book series/film series fans & the  Washington State town the books are based on
  • My Date with Drew, doc – a fan tries to get a date with Drew Barrymore with $1,100 & 30 days
  • IndyFans & Raiding the Lost Ark, docs – about Indiana Jones & Steven Spielberg fans
  • Star Wars Begins, doc – Star Wars fan completely analyzes the film series
  • Win a Date with Tad Hamilton, film – a fan wins a date with her favorite movie star and it turns her small-town life completely upside down
  • The Dungeon Masters, doc – about fans of the game Dungeons & Dragons
  • Nurse Betty, film – a woman coping with her husband’s murder is fixated on a soap opera star
  • Paul, film – two comic book lovers from England travel to Comic Con to meet their favorite artist, but their love of comics and the supernatural bring them on the journey of their lives 
  • Dick, film – two girls learn more than they wanted to about their idol, President Nixon
  • Bend it like Beckham, film – a teen girl from England strives to be a famous Soccer/Football player like her idol David Beckham while trying to please her traditional Indian family
  • Everything in Between: The Story of Ellipse, doc – singer Imogen Heap documents the making of an album so her fans can see her creative process and how she keeps them involved during it
  • Mall Rats, film – one of the two main male characters is determined to meet his hero, Stan Lee
  • Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, film – two teenage girls in the suburbs of NYC are trying to go to the farewell show of their favorite band
  • Something You Should Know, doc – about the band DuranDuran and their fans
  • Spice World, film – pop group from England, The Spice Girls, at one point in the movie invite some fans to hang out with them, and of course, things go wrong
  • The Brady Bunch Movie, film – Marcia Brady is the President of Davvy Jones fan club and would love for him to perform at her school dance. Someone should really tell her it’s the 1990’s…
  • Death to Smoochy, film – Sheldon AKA Smoochy is trying to create a better world for his young fans but has to battle a toxic corporate empire and a slandering ex-child show star
  • 10 Things I Hate about You, film – Kat loves the band Letters to Cleo and doesn’t expect them to show up at her high school prom
  • You Must Be This Tall: The Rocky Point Story, doc – fans of this defunct theme park in Rhode Island discuss their memories of Rocky Point
  • The King of Kong, doc – Steve wants to break the world record score for arcade game Donkey Kong (y’know, the version where you need quarters to play and not the new-fangled video game version)
  • Big Fan, film – a fan gets a little overzealous then gets beat up by one of his heroes on his favorite Football team
  • Super Size Me, doc – part of the film features the world’s most enthusiastic McDonald’s Big Mac fan Don Gorske
  • HBO’s SuperHeroes, doc – real people inspired by comic book heroes and real life tragedies fight crime as civilians in wild outfits
  • Borat, film – an outlandish journalist visiting America falls in love with Pamela Anderson through photos and television, then plans to propose to her at a book signing
  • Can’t Hardly Wait, film – Preston is convinced a Barry Manilow song is a sign that he’s meant to be with a certain girl, and he tries to call Barry on a radio program to ask the song’s meaning. Plus, the angel stripper talks about her childhood crush on Scott Baio.
  • On the Line, film – Kevin bonds with his crush, the L Train girl, over their love of the singer Al Green (played by the real Al Green). Rod aspires to be like his idol, Mick Silver (fictional singer played by Richie Sambora).
  • Orange County, film – the main character wants to leave behind his whacky hometown of Orange County for Stanford University so he can write with his favorite author Marcus Skinner
  • That Thing You Do!, film – group drummer Guy is a big fan of jazz legend Del Paxton and the film overall touches on the beginning of the one-hit wonder, boy band era
  • Pleasantville, film – David couldn’t wait for a marathon of his favorite  old-time TV show, until he and his sister were magically zapped into the black and white program’s world
  • The Bodyguard, film – Is the singer’s stalker with violent tendencies the creepy looking fanatic…or someone else?
  • Jingle All the Way, film – little Jamie really wants a Turboman doll. Another film exploring the corporate culture and how it effects or often exploits fandoms of small children.
  • The Jetsons Movie, animated film –  Judy Jetson is bummed that she’s missing the chance to go on a date with rock star Cosmic Cosmo, but she ends up dating Apollo Blue, another singer, instead
  • Showtime, film – two ordinary LA cops become (one of them, reluctantly) reality TV superstars
  • Starstruck, film –  a Disney film about two sisters who while on a trip to LA, one of them ends up meeting the pop star and getting caught up in a bizarre strand of circumstances with him trying to avoid paparazzi. The problem? She can’t stand him, while her sister is obsessed and on the hunt to meet him.
  • Robsessed, documentary – about actor/singer Robert Pattinson (of “Twilight”) and his fans
  • Misery, film – graphically violent film about a “fan” gone too far to keep her injured idol kidnapped within her home
  • Lady Gaga: Live at Madison Square Garden, documentary – the bonus features, and film in general, show Gaga’s special relationship with her fans, AKA Little Monsters
  • Justin Bieber’s Never Say Never, documentary – the pop star’s special relationship with his fans, the “Beliebers”, and how they helped catapult his career is featured
  • Taylor Swift: Journey to Fearless, documentary – about young country-pop performer Taylor Swift and her fans
  • I Think We’re Alone Now, documentary – about two fans, Jeff and Kelly, who suffer from mental or physical disabilities who are infatuated with 80’s Pop Star Tiffany. A good film that explores the topic of the line that is crossed in the fan/celebrity relationship.
  • Nat’l Lampoons Vegas Vacation, film – Clark’s wife Helen is a big fan of singer Wayne Newton, and after seeing her in the audience at one of his Vegas shoes, he becomes a rather big fan of hers…
  • Music and Lyrics, film – An 80’s pop star tries to reclaim his previous level of fame. Shows his relationship with his long-time faithful fans, including the main female lead characters’ sister.
  • Life or Something Like It, film – main character Laney admires and later meets idol Debra Connors, while another characters’ son is a fan of major league baseball player Cal, who is engaged to Laney
  • Scott Pilgrim, film – the character Knives is a typical teenage girl who jumps from being obsessed with band to the other
  • Iron Man trilogy, Captain America, The Avengers, Fantastic Four, Spiderman, films – the heroes of these films often find themselves directly or indirectly in the plot the objects of fanaticism for what they do to save the world and their iconic looks/powers
  • Galaxy Quest, film – a sci-fi comedy about a group of actors who usually make a living off of their show’s personalities from years past at fan conventions and appearances are suddenly turned into real-life intergallactic space heroes
  • Ricky Bobby, film – an absurd comedy focuses on the life of a Nascar driver and involves fans of the drivers
  • Stranger than Fiction, film – a man hears a narrator in his head, repeating back everything he does and foreshadowing his death. With the help of a literature professor, he tries to find out who the author is so they can try to prevent his probable death.
  • Six Degrees of Helter Skelter, documentary – Scott of Dearly Departed Tours takes his Death Hags, aka fans/historians who are enthusiastic about celebrity death tales, on a visual tour of all the spots where the Manson family lived, killed and committed crimes back in 1969.
  • Bronies, documentary – a piece on “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” and the very unexpected adult fans, namely male, of the franchise. Focuses on straight teen and adult males who love the show, originally aimed at children.
  • Best Worst Movie, documentary – focuses on the makers, the actors of, and the fans of what is dubbed one of the worst movies with an odd cult-like following, “Troll 2”.
  • An Affair of the Heart, documentary – about singer/actor/author Rick Springfield and his adoring fans. Features many detailed stories on multiple fans, as well as focusing on Rick’s career.
  • Scatter my Ashes at Bergdorfs, documentary – Leaders in the fashion industry, as well as consumers who are customers of the high-profile shop, speak of their love for this established business and how it has impacted the fashion industry and economy, combined.
  • Trek Nation, documentary – The son of Gene Roddenberry, “Star Trek” creator, speaks with fans and stars of the show alike in order to understand the cultural impact it has had, as well as to understand his father, who passed away when he was a teenager.
  • William Shatner’s Get a Life!, documentary – William Shatner, a beloved actor of “Star Trek” fame, explores the “Trekkers” fandom.
  • “ScoobyDoo! Wrestlemania Mystery”, animated film – Scooby and Shaggy are huge fans of the WWE and win tickets for a week that would be any wrestling fan’s dream come true. However, when a mysterious creature begins attacking WWE town, they and the gang find themselves with another mystery to solve.
  • “One Direction: This is Us”, documentary – follows the rise of fame for pop group One Direction featuring their fans
  • “A Brony Tale”, documentary – one of the voice actresses of “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” explores the Brony fan community after hesitantly accepting an invite to BronyCon, a convention for adult fans of the franchise.
  • “Mud Blood”, documentary – about Harry Potter and Quidditch fans
  • “Alive Inside”, documentary – a non profit explores the effects of music on the human mind
  • “Back in Time”, documentary – Everyone from die hard fans, to the film makers, to the actors of the hit franchise are chronicled in this “Back to the Future” fan documentary. While sometimes being criticized of harping too much on fans of the Delorian vehicle, the film touches at the heart of why so many people fell in love with this movie series and what it means to them.
  • “The Final Girls“, scripted film – This movie is just flawless. Our protagonist is the daughter of a Scream Queen mom of the 1980’s who tragically died in a car crash that her daughter had to survive. The daughter agrees to be the guest of honor at a screening of her mom’s biggest film some years later, but a theater fire leaves her and a pack of friends scurrying for safety. When they awake, they find themselves IN the film. It is highly recommended you watch this comedy if you like fan culture, cheesy horror films, and fourth-wall moments.

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I have always been obsessed with fan stories, the origin of fanaticism and pop culture in general.
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  1. Brad says:

    I was all primed and ready to leave a suggestion that you include one of my all time fave docus in “King of Kong”. Glad I don’t have to 😀

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