Books about Fans & Fan Culture

The following is’s list of books to check out that are specifically about fans within pop culture and their lives, whether touching on this subject in a large or small scale. Link to the list will be posted in an update anytime something new is added. The list, for books that contain descriptions, may include mild spoilers. The list comprises of fiction or nonfiction pieces. Anything underlined is a link to where you can purchase/read more about the book(s). More after page break:

  • StarStruck: When a Fan Gets Close to Fame by Michael Joseph Gross – the “Bible” for anyone interested in or studying fanaticism. Read my review of the book HERE non fiction
  • The Adoring Audience by Lisa Lewis, non fiction – sociology of fanaticism, “defining fandom”
  • a link with MANY books about particular pieces of pop culture and the philosophy behind them, which can touch on fanaticism HERE – my recommendation is the book about The Simpsons, as it was the main text book for a course I took on the cartoon family in college – fiction meets nonfiction 
  • Comic Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope by Morgan Spurlock, non fiction – a high quality photo book with some written stories based on his documentary, under the same title
  • Curtis Piperfield’s Biggest Fan by Lisa Fieldler, fiction
  • Your Biggest Fan by Graylin Fox, fiction 
  • Elvis and You: a Fan Guide by Laura Levil, non fiction
  • The Fan by Peter Abrahams, fiction
  • The Unofficial Zack Warren Fan Club by J.C. Isabella, fiction 
  • How to Write Fan Fiction by  Daphne Dangerlove, non fiction
  • Fan Mail by P.D. Martin, fiction
  • a link to a book series by different authors called 100 Things … Fans Should Know Before They Die, themed after fans of different sports teams, HERE , non fiction
  • Raiders! Story of the Greatest Fan Film Ever Made by Alan Eisenstock, non fiction
  • Arnold’s Army by Randy Jennings, nonfiction – about Arnold Schwarzenegger fans
  • Tramps Like Us by Daniel Cavicchi, non fiction – a thesis turned book about Bruce Springsteen and his fans

About Amanda Rosenblatt

I have always been obsessed with fan stories, the origin of fanaticism and pop culture in general.
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