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The “Boys” Are Back in Town

Dakota Laden from an outside perspective is a pretty normal teenage guy. He likes to goof around with friends, focuses on his school work as much as he can and obviously enjoys a dose of pop culture. To those who … Continue reading

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Different Perspective

In a fan community, the label “stalker” is thrown  around quite a bit. Whether it’s because there is a heated rivalry between fans and the most hurtful term is used during these quarrels, or whether the person is actually a … Continue reading

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Dolly’s Dolls

When one mentions Dolly Parton, a general person is more inclined to think about her hair, her long nails and maybe shall we say a couple of other assets of hers. One of the best traits about Dolly Parton, however, … Continue reading

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List Updates + Upcoming Pieces

Updated the TV Show List Also updated the Movie List  Here is the Book List, but it has not been updated Still to come – an article about Dolly Parton fans, a piece on Ghost Adventures fans & more!

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“Black” Listed

The internet has been an amazing tool in keeping fans connected to their favorite celebrities, and vice versa. However, sometimes, miscommunication or becoming too involved in fan online activity can cause friction that can effect this relationship. Rapper/singer Nicki Minaj has … Continue reading

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Time for Pop Quiz!

Thanks for voting!

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I’m always gonna wanna g…

I’m always gonna wanna go that extra mile for them, because I can’t believe the extra thousand miles they’ve gone for me.

Taylor Swift on going out into the audience for her shows to actually hug her fans and thank them for coming

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