Nailed It! Living Your Dreams

Katie Cazorla signing autographsKatie Cazorla has had a few brief brushes with fame. In 2002, she was in a sports-based competition reality show on ESPN called Beg Borrow & Deal. Though a charismatic personality on the show, her team sadly did not win the grand prize. Then she was part of a pilot project called The Weekly Real with Josh Gates of the Syfy series Destination Truth. Again, an awesome concept, but never picked up as a series. After years of trying to cultivate her interests into a career, it’s clear she’s finally found her niche in the worlds of professional business and show business.

Katie came to Los Angeles and created a successful business called The Painted Nail, which is an established oasis of comfort and beauty for not only celebrities, but every day clients who enjoy the affordable yet lavish services with custom TPN brand polishes. As if this accomplishment was not enough, Katie was approached by the TV Guide Network in early 2011 to create her own reality show centered around her business and her fast-pace life.

Her series Nail Files was quickly a fan favorite and is currently airing Season Two on Sunday nights. There is no doubt that fans not only enjoy her antics and the drama around her workplace, but the featured celebrity visitors also draw in some interest.

Katie Cazorla poses with a young fanKatie herself comes through as a lover of pop culture and during on-camera interviews after the celebrity encounters expresses her excitement when certain celebrities pop into her business. During Season One, she seemed most excited when singer Debbie Gibson came in (“Hello?! I was a child of the 80’s…Debbie Gibson looks hot!” Katie stated in the episode) and often took the opportunity to have her VIP clients name her animal cruelty-free custom polishes, with Debbie naming one of her products “Electric Blue”.

It is clear Katie‘s career has finally hit a comfortable stride at her rise to the top, and the very creative PR behind her TV show is helping to include fans. She has toured the country multiple times in the past year in her Nail Files van giving free manicures to viewers of the show. My opinion? If you want to watch a show about a strong woman with a big personality who has truly obtained her dreams through her love of pop culture and mani/pedis, make an “appointment” with Nail Files ASAP. Check your local listings.


About Amanda Rosenblatt

I have always been obsessed with fan stories, the origin of fanaticism and pop culture in general.
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  1. BeeCee88 says:

    Very good article about the Nail Files and Katie

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