The Curious Case of KStew & The Swaying Media

Kristen Stewart with Fans - MTV News PhotoIt’s hard enough when you’re caught in the middle of a scandal in your personal life and having to deal with the inner circle of people you deal with day to day, all the while keeping your chin up. What about when you’re a celebrity under a global microscope of judgmental journalists, hounding paparazzi, catty fans, and an industry obsessed with the idea of unobtainable perfection? Kristen Stewart could tell you about these pressures, but instead at a recent film festival, she simply stated of coming back into the public eye in an Associated Press article, “Don’t just figuratively put your head down and barrel though it. Be there, appreciate it.”

Kristen Stewart MTV News PhotoFor those who don’t know, and in the shortest terms possible since this is not a gossip blog, Kristen was involved in a bit of a controversy where in apologetic statements from both parties admitted they had cheated on their significant others with each other. In the public’s eyes, until there is a huge slander or libel suit claiming neither party admitted to this fact, the public believes this has happened and have mostly laid the moral blame on Kristen, despite the man she had her alleged tryst with being a married man with children.

Nuttymadam aka Twilight Fan Emma CryingFans of the Twilight franchise have turned on KStew on the internet and there have even been spoofs about fans reacting to this news on everything from Bruce Willis on The Late Show and Will Ferrell on Conan. What’s curious, however, is what the press picks and chooses to display in regards to the fan’s feelings on Kristen. A few weeks ago, they focused on all the fans who hated her now. The most significant example was when a video from NuttyMadam aka Twilight superfan Emma on YouTube went viral declaring why she couldn’t understand how Kristen could do this. In the video, she overwhelmingly states how everyone should leave alone not only Kristen but her boyfriend (exboyfriend?) Robert Pattinson, who both shot to fame together portraying Twilight characters Edward and Bella. Despite this main message, many articles instead focus on her judgmental statements about Kristen.

Kristen Stewart fansNow that Kristen is back in the public eye to promote other projects such as the film On the Road and with Breaking Dawn looming in the distance, the press sways it’s coverage to butter up the celebrity it was only previously demonizing. And of course, focusing on her fans who stick by is their ultimate weapon.

Regardless of how different press sources portray her, or any celebrity caught in a scandal, Kristen is ever grateful for her fans. She has highlighted the significance of her fans in multiple interviews, the best examples with MTV News not only at TIFF this year, but in a 2010 piece where she says she knows what “Krisbians” are (aka female fans who are devoted to Kristen), and calls their support “absolutely, disarmingly amazing.”


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I have always been obsessed with fan stories, the origin of fanaticism and pop culture in general.
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