BOOM! The Story of a Flula Fan

Flula BorgI rarely want to post blogs that come off as a bias point of view on something, but the only way it is appropriate to write this article is as a fan. It seems to have been the best way to get people’s attention on this awesome guy.

Meet Flula (pronounced “Floo-lah” and commonly misspelled by Starbucks baristas, as exampled by his hilarious Twitter photos). His last name is Borg, and much like the Borg race of “Star Trek”, resistance of this German YouTube personality is futile.

I first became a fan of his when an ex of mine showed me his video “Rock Paper Scissors, Your Logik is Not Right”. As you can tell by the title, it’s going to be quite silly, but it’s Flula as a fairly new American citizen trying to break down an American idiom with somewhat broken English. This was it for me. I have gone through nearly all of his YouTube videos in about six months time and I cry with laughter each time I watch them.  That relationship ended, but in return I learned about Flula, so the glass is half full “on ziss one”, as Flula would say.

The best part about this DJ, beat-boxer and comedy extraordinaire is his relationship with his fans, or Flans, as he calls them. I was new to his fan community, yet when I posted asking for a radio interview, he was EXTREMELY quick to get back to me. I had a bit of an emergency and was stranded the night of our show, but instead of being mad or blowing me off deciding I was unprofessional for missing it, Flula had emailed making sure I was okay and gladly rescheduled (you can listen to the amazing interview where he chats with me and other “Flans” HERE).

Flula BorgAs many of my followers know, I finished my documentary “fanATOMY” and the process of finishing it unfortunately put aspects of my life on hold the last few months, including following Flula’s career. I have however come back with a BOOM. I made a YouTube video, which was a spoof of a marriage proposal by Boogie2988 and a means to promote Flula called “Marry Me, Flula?” Boogie saw the video, shared it, and it has gained nearly four thousand views within a week’s time. Even Flula saw it and responded with a yes (looks like I need to buy another Ring Pop?)

Anyway, I hope you guys check out Flula, who does a live webcam chat every Tuesday, or “Fluesday” night, and that you’ll check out my Thursday, or “Flursday” night, Flula’s funniest moments videos (courtesy of not being able to make “Destination Truth” ones anymore due to copyright issues). Flula is on Twitter HERE, so make with the follow!


About Amanda Rosenblatt

I have always been obsessed with fan stories, the origin of fanaticism and pop culture in general.
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