Katy’s Fans are Part of Her

Photo of Katy Perry by Jack Moore

She was challenged by an overtly religious upbringing and dropped by two record labels, but this didn’t stop Katy Perry from rising to the top of the charts. With the pop star’s great success also came a gigantic following of fans: her KatyCats.

In her recently released DVD/BluRay “Part of Me” featuring behind the scenes of her 2011 tour, bits of her life and full concert pieces, a major element of the film was not only how her fans react to her and her music, but also how they helped her in her time of need (a gut-wreching moment later in the film turns into the most heart warming).

Jack Moore & Katy Perry One fan who can definitely relate to Katy’s music, message and beyond is super fan Jack Moore. Featured in a highly viewed Olly Newport film called “Katy & I”, Jack plasters his walls with Katy’s image and displays his playful British humor. Jack also spoke with me about his fandom on my BlogTalkRadio show HERE and you can see an old panoramic view of his room below. Follow Jack on Twitter and buy a copy of “Part of Me” on iTunes, or in person where you buy your media etceteras today!

Jack Moore's Katy room (2010)


About Amanda Rosenblatt

I have always been obsessed with fan stories, the origin of fanaticism and pop culture in general.
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