Wanna Boogie with Me?

Boogie2988 with his Magic the Gathering CardsYouTubers know this man in different ways. They either know him as patriotic southerner Jessy, the lisping video game/Mountain Dew addict Francis, or if they are true subscribers, they know him as a passionate and open story teller about his struggles with obesity and other subjects. All in all, his name is Boogie2988, and he wants to tell you some stories.

Boogie has a myriad of YouTube videos ranging from hilarious to deadly serious where he speaks a lot about not only his addiction to food, but he also converses a lot about some of his favorite things in the world which have also almost destroyed him. In this video “How MMORPG’s [massive multiplayer online role playing games] Saved My Life”, he says while video games become a dangerous addiction and also pointed out to him a lot of hard truths about himself, they also saved him because they in part taught him how to be social (he also credits table top games such as Magic the Gathering in the second part to this video HERE).

The videos on Boogie’s channel, especially the characters he creates such as this one he is experimenting with, are all testament to how he’s been treated in his life as an overweight gamer. He gladly takes existing stereotypes and creates joy for others, and if you want proof of this, look up his “Francis Rages – Where’s my G*ddamned Mountain Dew?” video, where you will surely cry from laughing.

Bottom line, Boogie puts it best: “If you tell me I have to ‘get a life’ because I’m a gamer … you enjoy your ONE life, buddy. And I’ll enjoy my thousands. How about that? How many lives can you buy for a quarter, [expletive]hole? ‘Cause I can buy AT LEAST three!” I raise a glass of Mountain Dew to you, Boogie!


About Amanda Rosenblatt

I have always been obsessed with fan stories, the origin of fanaticism and pop culture in general.
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