The Arnold Fans

Arnold's Army What is best in life? An open mind, a butt-comfy seat and a copy of “Arnold’s Army” by Randy Jennings, a novel about the fan community of actor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Whether you are a fan of Arnold, a skeptic of the actor due to his controversies, or just into anything fan culture related, there is something for anyone in reading this piece. As much as one would think that this is all about Arnold, it is more so about the cult following from his contributions to pop culture, fitness, philanthropy, and most of his fans would agree in politics. From tattoos to collections to stories of encounters with the iconic actor, this book has it all!

Randy's sonA personal recommendation for highlights in this book lie in Chapters Thirteen and Fourteen –  terrific views into Randy’s life, as he gracefully shares some of his encounters with The Oak (or Austrian Oak, which are just some of Arnold’s nicknames). He also shares that his mother visited Arnold’s homeland, giving her vivid written description as a fellow fan on the overseas trip complete with photos. Randy is also encouraging his son to follow in his Arnold admiring footsteps, as seen in the above photo.

Randy dressed up as TurboMan, an Arnold characterThe well-deserved spokesperson and head of the Arnold fan community through his terrific and long standing site The Arnold Fans, Randy is open in the book about the fact that his fan community, as well as his idol, are not perfect. Yet through all the adversity, he helps to rally up the troops through many measures such as this video “Forever Arnold” after the Governator’s adultery saga unfolded, including cameos from Danny Devito and other show business staples. He also gives a lot of credit to those in the past and present who help him run TAF, as well as displaying the stories of many fellow “Army” members.

Before received a copy of his book, I spoke with Randy on BlogTalkRadio about being an Arnold fan and about “Arnold’s Army” as well as other projects, which you can listen to HERE. Visit Randy’s namesake website The Arnold Fans HERE, as well as to purchase a copy of his novel HERE. You can also see a video of Arnold at San Diego Comic Con 2012 thanking fans, as well as Randy asking a Q of the actor HERE at the 4 minute mark.


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I have always been obsessed with fan stories, the origin of fanaticism and pop culture in general.
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