The Walking Dead Soundtrack

Walking Dead Press Pass“The Walking Dead” on AMC is without a doubt an amazing show with monster ratings. One major element which makes the plot so compelling, other than the gut-wrenchingly realistic gore, is the fact that we rarely hear commercial music with singing laid over any of the scenes, but rather instrumental arrangements, adding to the tension levels for each scene. I mean, let’s face it: these poor characters can’t even find a place to settle too long without attracting walkers by just talking and doing day to day tasks, let alone blaring music in this zombie-laden world (*SPOILER* save for the gladiator scene in Woodbury, Season 3). If musical arrangements were to play for certain scenes, or to be incorporated in some sort of soundtrack for “The Walking Dead”, here are a few with an analysis by this journalist and fellow “TWD” fan (yes, more SPOILERS to follow):

The Walking Dead WinnebagoYou Know Where to Find Me by Imogen Heap

“Be still with me 
If you want to be alone 
If you’d rather die than tell 
You know where I’ll be 
Where to find me”

This song, minus the romantic implications, is a perfect way to describe the relationship between Andrea and Michonne. Once the song hits the plush and powerful reprise of “Heart lung soul, Arteries and all, A shoulder at the ready, Vital organs on call” with it’s following lyrics, this can symbolize their final exchange before Michonne decides to leave Woodbury, failing to convince Andrea to join. The fading away and the soft defeat in Imogen Heap’s voice as the piano overpowers her defeated lyrics must have been how Andrea felt as she watched her only friend and protector for the last eight months walk away.

The Walking Dead banner at NYCCVolcano by Benji Cossa “Could we really be much better?
To whom do you compare?
And where will we go when we get there?”

The haunting lyrics of Benji Cossa in this song with a sound that seems like it would emanate from the South, where our characters are fighting to survive in at the moment, is a great anthem for Rick or any of the characters. I don’t know if I could picture this song playing during a particular scene, unless it were the more somber acoustic version, but definitely at the end of any episode in Season One  during the credits or as a powerful album track for a soundtrack.

The Walking Dead ad NYCCRadioactive by Imagine Dragons

“I’m waking up, I feel it in my bones, enough to make my systems blow, Welcome to the New Age, to the New Age”

The creepy tone of this song painting the picture of a rough and gritty future seems to be made for this show. The most ideal time this song would have been used would be in episode “Killer Within”, specifically with Daryl visiting Carol’s grave and Rick sitting in the jail with the corpse of the walker that just ate Lori. The sound of the crying baby could be where the song fades out, Rick gets his phone call and the song comes back once the credits roll, picking up where it ended or at the strong chorus.

The Walking Dead billboard NYCMore songs that would be great for a “The Walking Dead” soundtrack, without analysis for each song:

  • “30 Minutes” by t.A.T.u.
  • “Nothing on my Back” by Sum41
  • “Judas” [The Goldfrapp Remix] by Lady Gaga
  • “Serial Thrilla” by The Prodigy
  • “Dear Lord” by Joseph Arthur
  • “Versions of Violence” by Alanis Morissette
  • “Lies Greed Misery” by Linkin Park

Remember kids – pirating music is NOT cool. All of these songs are available on iTunes. Go buy them.


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