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In the vast landscape of podcasting available to internet users, there is no doubt many of the these feeds are devoted to aspects and opinions on the many channels of pop culture. Standing high above all of them when it comes to the point of view of what it means to be a fanatic is Team Jack, part of the Smodco  Broadcasting family brought to you by Kevin Smith. 

Jack Morrissey, the namesake of Team Jack, was approached by film maker Smith to podcast due not only to his knowledge of pop culture, but for his radio voice, as he dubs it. Instead of focusing directly on the mediums of film or otherwise that Jack and his co-hosts Matt Cohen and Greg Yolen are interested in, his podcast became focused on the voice of, the analyzation of, and the sense of community in being a fanatic. 

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Jack has spoken in what has recently hit the fifty episodes mark of his show not only about the fandoms he is passionate about (he loves old movie theaters and “Battlestar Galactica”, to mention a few), but how he became more focused on the subject of fanaticism. Jack is the partner of Bill Condon, who directed the final two parts of the “Twilight” saga, and he very much involved himself in making sure the opinions of the fandom were heard in a direct way. He ended up walking away with much more by the time the second film was gearing up to be released.

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Close knit members of the literal Team Jack, the ladies who help him handle fan feedback for his shows and fulfill many other duties, have become a serious part of his life. He has often had a few of them on individual shows, recorded in his home no less, to either talk about the “Twilight” fandom, other fan movements/communities, or in two cases, having a large amount of Team Jack members huddled into his hotel room to record emotional podcasts as they were gearing up for “Twilight” to come to a close. He even took it upon himself to camp out overnight with fans at San Diego Comic Con 2012, just so he could further try to understand the TwiHards better.   

 “Everybody gets to pick their own flavor of obsession,” Jack said of literary and movie fandoms on Plus One Per Diem, which was his first appearance on a podcast before Team Jack came into being. “People form their own relationships with those characters through their own personal experience.”

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The Team Jack co-hosts are also very aware of how fanatacism or major involvement in pop culture can change lives. Greg met his wife while working on the “Breaking Dawn” sets and Matt has not only been featured on the fan documentary “The People vs George Lucas”, but has revealed on the podcast that he has a Kermit the Frog tattoo symbolizing his lifelong love of The Muppets.

 Many times on Jack’s show, there is talk of pop culture changing one’s life. To quote Matt Cohen’s Kermit tattoo, it just may be possible that being a fanatic can help “Write your own ending.” 

LINKS: Official Team Jack show page HERE, the Team Jack fan-handled main site HERE and the Team Jack index of past shows HERE.


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