Professor Gaga

Deflem KoreaProfessor Mathieu Deflem is a great example of the American dream. He came from overseas to live and be an educator in America. Deflem definitely knows his stuff, as he gets to teach a lot of courses focused on his interests. And like any American, he is passionate about pop culture.
Deflem and Little MonstersThe most interesting factor about his career in academics is that he has gotten to marry his love of Lady Gaga into a homemade college class that has garnered a lot of attention. “Lady Gaga and The Sociology of Fame” is a course he teaches at the University of SC that asks of many questions, in a global marketplace with so much diverse competition and piracy tearing the entertainment industry’s economy down, how does the pop star withhold her level of fame? What is the difference between fame and celebrity? Why is today’s music industry and how Gaga became famous so different compared to let’s say Madonna’s achievement of fame a few decades ago?
Deflem Fan Site & TravelIf nothing else, you can all discuss amongst yourselves Deflem’s urban legend status that he is what the SNL character Alphonse from Lady Gaga’s 2011 appearance is based off of, proof HERE .
Deflem NYCCheck out Deflem’s YouTube channel, his Gaga fan site, and the Gaga Course home page HERE. And yes, even if you are not a student at U of SC, you can listen and view short versions of Deflem’s lectures on all of those sites 🙂

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I have always been obsessed with fan stories, the origin of fanaticism and pop culture in general.
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