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Ke$ha’s Crazy Kids

One could argue that fanatics are the modern day version of tribes. They are part of different groups with different beliefs and different attitudes, but when looking at Ke$ha‘s fans, AKA Animals, it’s easy to perceive them as a tribe … Continue reading

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Songs about Fanaticism

Songs about or touching on pop culture fanaticism, the positive and negative aspects included: “This One Goes Out To You” Backstreet Boys “Not Afraid” Eminem “Touch my Hand” David Archeletta “Paparazzi” Lady Gaga “Stan” Eminem “The Queen” Lady Gaga “Letter … Continue reading

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The Death Hags

People of all ages and backgrounds pay billions to see movies, watch cable/satellite TV shows, or buy books having to do with murder or instances of violence. Whether they be fictional tales or re-imaginings of historical events, morbid curiosity is … Continue reading

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