The Death Hags

from the Dearly Departed Facebook page

from the Dearly Departed Facebook page

People of all ages and backgrounds pay billions to see movies, watch cable/satellite TV shows, or buy books having to do with murder or instances of violence. Whether they be fictional tales or re-imaginings of historical events, morbid curiosity is hard to deny.

It is worth asking then why the Dearly Departed Tour Line in Los Angeles, situated in Hollywood, gets some flak, as well as their fans, known as Death Hags. An atypical tour of Tinsel Town, the company focuses on the dark history of the film industry’s birth place. From murder to controversy and all in between, the tour’s namesake is a once-a-month Helter Skelter tour, exploring the history and locations of the Tate-LaBianca murders, or the Manson Family Murders, of 1969 (save for the Polanski-Tate house, which was torn down in the 1990’s).

from the Dearly Departed Facebook page

from the Dearly Departed Facebook page

Putting aside the topic of the quality of the tour, which is spectacular and well worth the money spent, there is one overwhelming counter-point to those who call the tour abnormal, as well as the Death Hags who attend the excursions: Do you dare call Civil War re-enactors morbid, or those who gawk at the relics pulled from the tombs of those long dead now situated in museums weirdos, or anyone who chooses to become an undertaker or a crime scene investigator sick in the head?

Death is part of all our lives, celebrity deaths are part of our human history, and the Death Hags have a hobby that calls for no shame. To witness a Dearly Departed Tour in person, visit their site to book a trip, or check out their documentary on the Tate/LaBianca events on NetFlix,, Hulu or iTunes called “Six Degrees of Helter Skelter”. The Dearly Departed Facebook page is HERE.


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  1. Cheryl says:

    LOVE IT! and Scott Michaels is a WEALTH of Information!

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