Ke$ha’s Crazy Kids

Ke$ha with fanOne could argue that fanatics are the modern day version of tribes. They are part of different groups with different beliefs and different attitudes, but when looking at Ke$ha‘s fans, AKA Animals, it’s easy to perceive them as a tribe of their own. Adorned in neon face paint, glitter and torn clothes, they follow their pop-rock infused leader and her catchy tunes to the ends of the Earth.

In her MTV mini documentary “My Crazy Beautiful Life”, which was filmed by her brother and airs episode/part 5 tonight, a large part of her focus is on her intense fan base. In episode three, we meet Dante, a fan in his 30’s (a “Dinosaur”, a nickname from a Ke$ha song about older guys), who is pulled up on stage after Ke$ha sneaks a peak at an interview he did on camera before the concert. In episode one, a memorable fan speaks out, and makes Ke$ha choke up a bit, about how he is bullied in school and how her music gives him a place to escape.

The MTV mini doc is honest, gritty, and you are sure to walk away feeling a little more Animal-istic. Visit Ke$ha’s site and if you feel so inclined as to want to join her party in a more intimate way, become a “convert” or “missionary” on in her fan club, Ke$ha’s Family! She is touring America this summer, so be sure to catch her!



About Amanda Rosenblatt

I have always been obsessed with fan stories, the origin of fanaticism and pop culture in general.
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