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TWD Andrea/Laurie Holden Contest!

It pays to be a vocal fan on Twitter, and it doesn’t go unnoticed. has skimmed Twitter for the most positive and vocal fans of the character Andrea of “The Walking Dead”, either the TV or the comic book … Continue reading

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Fans in the News

Here are your latest updates on fan culture in the news, these days. The coolest story I’ve seen is of a fan on her way to a Dave Matthews Band concert picking up a stranded bicyclist, who happened to be … Continue reading

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It is no secret that our modern society loves reality TV and looking into the lives of others. But even better than reality TV, people these days are truly addicted to YouTube. Who DOESN’T love what is essentially a free … Continue reading

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Travel Channel gets it

With the mecca of pop culture San Diego Comic Con in the midst this week, you will see every TV network smartly reaching out to the fans, aka customers. However, there are a few networks who understand fan outreach is important … Continue reading

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Bullying & Fan Representation

Ever since the feud between singer Lady Gaga and reality personality Kelly Osbourne has ignited this year, it’s turned fan community bullying into a hot topic issue. Aside from the topic of inter-fan bullying in these groups (fans bullying one another … Continue reading

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One of a K-AHHHH!

Oh my. Sorry if I scared you, but this is the very talented Steven Grisez. He is the winner of AMC & Dr. Pepper’s The Walking Dead One-of-a-Kind fan contest and although our site could not arrange for an interview … Continue reading

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Product Love: TimBuk2

Once in a while, I notice brands that totally understand the concept that their customers are more than customers, but are hard core fans of the product they make! So for this “Product Love” entry, I want to give kudos … Continue reading

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