Back to the Cellar

 Fan-Culture paid a visit to Jim Schultz of Turbulent Studios a year after this site’s piece to talk about podcast, The Studio Cellar, with friend Tom Ribeiro. Despite their work in media and technology, Tom in film and Jim in audio sciences, the guys still enjoy pop culture as much as always, with an emphasis on music. “I work with so much music now, it’s hard to pin point a favorite,” Jim says. “I always have my go-to bands…my top three bands that I’ll always kind of go back to: Porcupine Tree, RadioHead and Tool.” Tom is quick to answer, saying “Primus, always, is my favorite band because it’s something I stumbled upon”, and stating since he is a bass player, the bass in that music intrigues him. Check out their podcast site HERE, Towne Films HERE, and be sure to watch the hilarious outtakes on the video!


About Amanda Rosenblatt

I have always been obsessed with fan stories, the origin of fanaticism and pop culture in general.
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