Oh? Oh. OH! FanGasm.

Click the photo for Paul Perkins telling you about "Fangasm" on Syfy!

Click the photo for Paul Perkins telling you about “Fangasm” on Syfy!

You may have heard the term before used as a playful expression amongst fan communities, or it could be the first time you’ve seen it. FANGASM. Yes, eye-catching, so it is obviously a great choice for a TV show title.

Fangasm“, a show premiering on Syfy this month, is about several interns in cohabitation working together on Stan Lee’s convention, the Comikaze Expo. Aside from sharing dishes and bathrooms, the show’s namesake no doubt points to the nerdy fun that will be had on the program. Fan-Culture caught up with one of the interns who will be featured regarding what the show is about (after the page break):

Amanda: So, what is “Fangasm” on Syfy? Pitch it to me in less than two sentences.

Paul Perkins: I do not want to oversell this show, but “Fangasm” is the clear defining moment that this generation will never ever forget. Capturing the days of young interns living a house working for Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo,  you will develop inexplicable feelings of passion, triumph, grace, humor, sadness, and most of all, love, that everyone from all walks of life can relate to.

Check out Stan Lee describing his definition of a FANGASM in THIS VIDEO.

Amanda: What is your involvement with “Fangasm”?

Paul: On “Fangasm”, I am actually hired as a seasonal intern for Comikaze Expo in Los Angeles due to my large geeky knowledge on a variety of topics! If I am well liked enough by the boss, Regina Carpinelli, however, she will actually hire me as full time staff for the convention and the chance to work for Stan Lee. The catch however is that I also had to work with 6 other EXTREMELY eccentric fanboys/fangirls as well as live under one roof with them who also wanted the job.

Amanda: What is your fandom, or fandoms, and what about them connects you to them?

Paul: I think from the time I first saw “Star Wars” as a child, I knew that it was going to be a large part of my life. This was definitely my first real interaction with something where the second it was finished, I had changed. Immediately, I began collecting “Star Wars” toys and comics, as well as watching the movies on repeat, but that love created a large ripple effect when I started to discover other fandoms because of it. My “Star Wars” comics got me curious about other comics like “Spider-Man” and “X-Men”, the genre of Science Fiction grew into a love of “Star Trek” and H.G. Wells’ novels, and my toy collection expanded into other movies I loved like “Jurassic Park” and “Batman”. I did not realize it at the time, but I was quickly consumed into the Fandom culture. Today I haven’t really changed except for the fact I have learned to also appreciate other fandoms like video games, cartoons, conventions and I even became a competitive Yu-Gi-Oh player for a while.

Amanda: Since you’ll soon be on the network, are you a fan of any other Syfy shows/programs?

Paul: One word – “Sharknado”. Enough Said. Nah, but seriously, oh my god yes! I have always been a big fan of shows like “Eureka” and “Haven”. There is something about a small town filled with big insane secrets that both intrigues and scares the living hell out of me that I just can’t get enough of! Also something a lot of people don’t know about me is that I have always been a fan of trying to explain the paranormal and that is why “Destination Truth” is a show I always try to tune in and watch. Plus Josh Gates seems like such a funny and cool dude, I just want to buy him a beer and hunt for aliens out in the woods while telling cheesy jokes to each other all night.

Fan-Culture.org is Team Paul for this season of “Fangasm” and you can root for him while watching and tweet to him HERE.


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