Fangasm Weekly Review – Episode One

Andrew of Syfy's "Fangasm" with George Takei of "Star Trek" fame

Andrew of Syfy’s “Fangasm” with George Takei of “Star Trek” fame

Reviews are common on, but I can think of no show more worthy of a weekly review than Syfy’s “Fangasm“. In preparation for the premiere last week, I got an interview with one of the show’s personalities/subjects Paul (interview here) and watching Episode One did not leave me disappointed at all.

Rather than doing a synopsis and ruining it for you fine folks, I will for each episode give you each week’s Epic Fail moment, and each week’s Epic Win moment. So, here we go!

Episode One EPIC FAIL: I love my fellow fan girls, obviously, but c’mon with Kristin and Molly complaining about the sexy super hero girls dancing at the Geek Week event at the bar. I’m a woman and didn’t feel demeaned or of less value as a woman, or as a fan girl, watching them do that. Girls just wanna have fun, man!

Episode One EPIC WIN: After a competition at a local comic book store, Paul won a private dinner with George Takei of “Star Trek” fame. Being the stand up guy he is, he brought Mr. Ohhh Myyy back to the house to meet his roommates who also took part in the contest but lost. The most appreciative was Andrew, who brought his roommates, and viewers, to tears talking about how he would watch the show with his Great Grandma as a boy and some of her last words to him were how she enjoyed watching the program with him. OH THE FEELS. Follow the Fangasm Twitter account and stay tuned next week for Episode Two!

ADDENDUM: Looks like some don’t believe “There is no such thing as bad press”. While I certainly didn’t mean to offend, and even stated such, Molly of “Fangasm” was not happy with my opinion of her. My fair opinion: I don’t like when fellow fan girls are vocally insecure over other women, especially if they wanna put on super hero costumes and wiggle their butts on stage, because we should all be the strong women that I know we are. I have no problem with this event and don’t find it an exploitation of sex. It’s just girls who practically starve themselves and kick their own asses in the gym putting on a skimpy outfit and shaking their butt on stage. It’s not a big deal. It happens at every Comic Con I go to (mostly them walking around and posing, not dancing). Bottom line: the world of fandom is not just for average looking people like you and me. If it’s supposed to be, then that’s really backwards and hypocritical, considering you don’t want to be judged or marginalized for your looks. Maybe these gals were not “real” fan girls, which we can’t assume either, since no one bothered to interview them after they danced in their super hero outfits, but we can’t judge them based on their looks or actions. Or we shouldn’t, anyway.



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