Rise of the Podcast

RadioARTPOP cohosts react to their idol's attention.

RadioARTPOP cohosts react to their idol’s attention.

Fans have always found creative and meaningful ways to reach out to the people who make the art that enrich our lives. Just this week, patients and employees at a children’s hospital did an inspiring lip-sync video to “Roar” by Katy Perry. Digressing, the last few years have seen a rise in fan podcasts gaining momentum with fellow fans and the people they look up to. This concept first came into the spotlight when pop singer Nicki Minaj called into fan program PinkFridayRadio in 2010. There has also been the rise of Walker Stalkers, a podcast by two fans whose journey began with a set visit and has progressed to them holding their own HUGE “The Walking Dead” fan convention in Atlanta this year, Walker Stalker Con. Very recently, singer Lady Gaga took notice of a YouTube program called RadioARTPOP by not only recognizing them, but by giving them snippets of her new album to air on their shows each week leading up to her album’s release.

"Destination Truth" cast members chat with fan Kellie over the phone on a podcast

“Destination Truth” cast members chat with fan Kellie over the phone on a podcast

Not to be bias, but perhaps one of the best moments on a fan podcast was one I contributed to, called “Destination Truth Fan Radio” back in 2011. I was able to get my friend Kellie to have a long conversation with Josh Gates, Brad Kuhlman and Erin Ryder of Syfy’s “Destination Truth” on the radio. Kellie was in very poor health since the day I met her and was still a huge “DT” fan up until the day she passed away last October. This blog post is dedicated to Kellie, and fans like her, whose lives were made a little better by fan podcasts.


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I have always been obsessed with fan stories, the origin of fanaticism and pop culture in general.
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One Response to Rise of the Podcast

  1. It’s awesome how the internet and social media have allowed us to be more interactive with the artists we admire, as well as connecting fellow fans (and making new friends and having fun with them, bridging the distance in miles between us. Always lots of laughs shared with Destination Truth Fan Radio.) Thank you for connecting us “Truthies”, which is how several of us came to know the sweet spirit and FANtastic person that Kellie was. Miss you Kellie! ❤

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