What Killed “Fangasm”?


Syfy cancels “Fangasm”, rushes Series Finale airing

Since the dramatic announcement of Syfy’s “Fangasm” being canceled last week, Fan-Culture.org wishes to address the untimely passing of yet another Syfy program, and a good one at that, rather than reviewing the remaining episodes in the previous format. Although fans of some Syfy shows that have been canceled or placed on a permanent hiatus would argue that a lack of advertising is what kills their programs, this was glaringly not part of “Fangasm”s problem. The show had plenty of exposure on Syfy’s commercials, as well as OnDemand, especially during “Big Bang Theory” episodes (was even being advertised as “the REAL Big Bang Theory”). One of the biggest elephants in the room, other than the viewer numbers for “Fangasm” not publicly available when looking online, would be that many viewers found the program and subjects hard to swallow. As one of the cast members complained of in the first episode, a good number of reviewers found the program itself an exploitation of “geek” culture. Quoting Brian Lowry of Variety, he finds the show “slightly schizophrenic, taking a somewhat benign view toward their subjects but still wanting to exploit the carnival-sideshow aspect of their oddness and eccentricities.” Regardless of whatever killed off “Fangasm”, with the series finale airing in two parts tonight after midnight, of all times, this blogger will truly miss it and congratulates those who were chosen to be on it! Excelsior!


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I have always been obsessed with fan stories, the origin of fanaticism and pop culture in general.
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