Animal Radio, Episode One Recap

EPISODE ONE HERE. Recap Typed up by Amanda @thebabyspoon:

A custom intro made by host Amanda plays, featuring audio from Episode 4, Season 1, of “My Crazy Beautiful Life” and a snippet of the song “Warrior” plays with the show introduction.

Amanda (@thebabyspoon) and cohost Angel (@dancewithkesha) introduce the show, saying how it will be about promoting Ke$ha’s projects, discussing latest news/reviews and having a Topic of the Week. Excitement at this new program was expressed at high volume. Kody (@xxtml) was supposed to cohost, but they had to cancel last minute, so it was expressed that they were missed tonight. The show was also dedicated to Australian Animals due to their concert being canceled.

Amanda asked Angel the topic of the week to start out the discussion: What does Ke$ha and being her fan mean to you? 

He says: “You’re supporting someone who is doing nothing but nice things for everyone…she’s just doing things for us, to help us, because her fans are going through things. The reason why she’s here is to help us go through those things…Ke$ha means a lot to me, you don’t understand. If it wasn’t for Ke$ha, man, I don’t think I would be here.”

A Happy Birthday shout-out was given to Gilo (@gilosuxx), who is famous in the fan world for being featured in “My Crazy Beautiful Life” in two episodes. Twitter shout-outs occurred for @GlitterSebert, @iiiamcannibal, @matutito614,  @heartyglobe

Amanda shares how she met Angel, and how it speaks to how Ke$ha creates fan connections. They met at the Mohegan Sun August 2013 Ke$ha show because they had VIP passes and hung out before meeting her. They laughed at how Amanda thought the secret password for the Kesha Rose Jewelry contest that night was “Flapjacks!” when it was actually “Blackjack”.

Amanda: “We’re going around at concession stands yelling FLAPJACKS, and these poor people are probably, like, ‘What the hell? Why did we come in to work today?!’”

They talk about meeting Ke$ha, how she is very people-friendly and gave her time to fans. They also talk about how positive fellow fans are and how they left the concert singing her songs. Fellow fans joined in while casino goer’s looked on baffled.

Amanda apologized for trying to juggle tweets while hosting, since she used to do fan podcasting a lot, but it has been a while. She also said she gets questioned quite a bit about why loves Ke$ha, since “You’re 26 (years old), you work an office job, you don’t really drink or party or anything, and you wear pants, so why are you a Ke$ha fan?” She answered that the music makes her happy and she appreciates that Ke$ha is not only satirical, but she is comfortable with herself, as well as down to earth.

Ke$ha news discussed – “My Crazy Beautiful Life” Season 2 premieres on MTV next Weds. at 10:30 p.m. EST

Angel found and read a piece of a positive concert review about Ke$ha while Amanda read part of Idolator’s review of “Warrior” CLICK FOR REVIEW Angel agreed with Amanda that the best part of the review was when it was stated the best part of Ke$ha and her music is that it feels authentic and it’s not her trying to play a character/alter ego.

Amanda expressed frustration that people judge Ke$ha by her singles when they should give her body of work a try before judging or being skeptical. She also stated this program will not be about bashing other artists, or their fan bases, even if they say anything negative about Ke$ha.

Gilo called in from the UK via Skype and brought up two topics: people stating MCBL Season 2 being scripted and the “Free Ke$ha, Doctor Luke” petition that is out. Everyone seemed to be in agreement that until we hear Ke$ha’s opinion on the petition, we shouldn’t focus a show on it, but everyone agreed that it’s great the fan base got attention for defending her creativity versus negative actions. They also agreed that the show is not scripted, but yes, for reality shows, there are always going to be instances of events being planned to be filmed ahead of time, but it does not come off to fans as fake. The “twerking” in the Season 2 promo was also discussed. UPDATE: the day after the broadcast, a Rollingstone article came out where Ke$ha addressed the petition and admitted that she does not have creative freedom CLICK THE LINK HERE FOR ARTICLE

Gilo says: “I’m loving the show, by the way. It’s a really good idea…it’s a really good thing for the fan base.”

The show ended with fans tweets being read on-air about what fans love about Ke$ha:
@jasonyoungsuxx says “Ke$ha got me out of a depression”
@glittersebert said “She means very f*cking much to me, I would cry and I wish she would notice me on Twitter”
@iiiamcannibal said (paraphrased) “Ke$ha, thank you for teaching me to be myself and to accept myself for who I am. Even though I can’t be fully open about myself and who I am, I’ve been able to see myself normally and figure myself out.”
@HeartyGlobe says “She means everything to me because she not only fights to defend people who can’t, but she inspires them to defend themselves”
@Matutito614 wrote a few tweets that basically told the story of how Ke$ha helped him prevent committing suicide and those he ashamed he ever felt that way before, he is glad he is here today


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