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DaNaNaNaNaNaNaNa BatKid!

DaNaNaNaNaNaNaNa BatKid!

A whole city stopped to make a child’s dream come true, with San Francisco transforming into Gotham City so BatKid could save the day! Young Miles, a leukemia survivor, was treated to the local Police Chief getting in on the act, giving him tasks such as saving a damsel in distress, and the Make-a-Wish deed even caught the attention of The President as well as many people around the world who cheered him on. You can read more about it HERE.

From a child becoming a Hero, to a young person meeting their Hero, Jennifer Lawrence of “The Hunger Games” franchise made a heart warming gesture. While walking the red carpet of “HG: Catching Fire” in London, which was clogged with fans and media members alike, she noticed a young fan (who looks to be in a wheelchair) crying on the sidelines. She had security move the barriers and took her time to meet the young fan, speak to her, hug her, and take photos with her to the delight of what looked to be her family standing by. You can see the video and read more about it HERE.

On the sports side of fan news, a Colts fan became GIF-worthy by jokingly out-dancing a Titans cheerleader in the stands (article HERE) and on the negative side, Dolphins fans were pretty peeved at General Manager Jeff Ireland, so when they found his personal number, his voicemail box was inundated with fan messages expressing their frustration (article HERE). I definitely call a foul on that move! Know your boundaries and that’ll be a 15 yard penalty, Dolphins fans.


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I have always been obsessed with fan stories, the origin of fanaticism and pop culture in general.
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