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Why Tonight’s “Big Bang Theory” Got it RIGHT (Spoilers)

So hey, you know how non-geek/non-nerd folks who watch “Big Bang Theory” might look at us fanatics and think, “how accurate ARE these characters?” Well, tonight’s episode (Season 7, Episode 14) hit it right out of the park! From a … Continue reading

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Class is in Session

Imagine getting a chance to mesh your interests into your career, then getting to share this interest in some way to the future minds of America. This is what Mathieu Deflem gets to do with his University of South Carolina … Continue reading

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Fans in the News, January 2014

Controversy has risen from reports that Microsoft, in partnership with Machinima UK, paid off popular YouTubers to favorably promote the XBox One to their subscribers, or as the YouTubers regard them: viewers, audience and fans. Though paying people to positively … Continue reading

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Free Ke$ha, Luke

Ringing in the New Year for Ke$ha‘s fan base was looking to be optimistic. The singer has had a consistent Top 10 hit on the radio along with iTunes because of “Timber”, a song she did with Pitbull. She also … Continue reading

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