Free Ke$ha, Luke

Graphic by @shaunsuxx, fan on Twitter

Graphic by @shaunsuxx, fan on Twitter

Ringing in the New Year for Ke$ha‘s fan base was looking to be optimistic. The singer has had a consistent Top 10 hit on the radio along with iTunes because of “Timber”, a song she did with Pitbull. She also hinted, via the end of Season 2 of her reality show and through Instagram videos, of new music on the horizon. Though new albums take time, her Animals will have to wait a little longer than expected. As well as a heated creative battle she has been having with her controlling record label, Kemosabe Records through RCA and under the finger of Doctor Luke, she announced she will be in rehab until at least February for eating disorder treatment. TMZ reported it first and her official statement followed via her artist Facebook account, which as over 30 million “likes” aka fans.

To further add flames to the fire, sources close to Ke$ha have revealed to TMZ that Doctor Luke, the same person she has blamed in the past on her party girl image and lack of creative exploration with her music, has verbally abused her and caused her eating disorder. In the wake of the controversy, the host of Ke$ha Fan Radio, a fan podcast, did a show to address the ongoing situation and had a special guest caller.

Mike, team member of @FreeKeshaLuke on Twitter, a campaign to spread positive press about Ke$ha and help her obtain the career freedom she desires, called host Amanda and cleared up some rumors while answering fan questions. Along with stating Ke$ha definitely does not want to continue to work with Dr. Luke any longer, he cleared up that her mother Pebe supports the Free Ke$ha campaign, but is not on the team. You can hear more HERE (click link to YouTube video with audio of the show).


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