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Deflem in front of a mega-sized Gaga album advertisement

Deflem in front of a mega-sized Gaga album advertisement

Imagine getting a chance to mesh your interests into your career, then
getting to share this interest in some way to the future minds of America.
This is what Mathieu Deflem gets to do with his University of South
Carolina course “Lady Gaga and the Sociology of Fame”. A followup to a previous interest piece I did on him HERE, I got to do a lengthy interview with the Professor, or “Gaga Professor”, last weekend.

The interview started out with the story of how Mathieu named his pet cat,
as well as a pop culture urban legend he is part of. In May 2011 during
Lady Gaga‘s cameo on Saturday Night Live, a character played a Gaga fan, who for the sake of the skit she remembers instantaneously right from seeing him to poke fun at how costar and fellow pop singer Justin
Timberlake never remembered anyone he’s met.

The fan character, named Alphonse and portrayed by SNL alumni Fred
Armisen, looks eerily similar to Mathieu, who has met Gaga multiple times. The irony is that Mathieu’s attire of a band t-shirt with corduroy jacket, gray hair and glasses, how he appears when in the presence of the pop star or at shows, was exactly how Alphonse looked. In honor of this strange coincidence, which Mathieu further expanded on in the show, he named his pet after what is accepted as this SNL portrayal of himself.

To learn more about Mathieu’s educational past, as well as his beginnings
in running fan sites with the band Pentagram and his passion for rocker
Alice Cooper, listen to the interview HERE or download it on iTunes
Podcasting under “mandogg house radio” for free. Visit and follow Mathieu on Twitter at @mathieudeflem. Don’t forget @littlealphonse is his cat’s Twitter, too!


About Amanda Rosenblatt

I have always been obsessed with fan stories, the origin of fanaticism and pop culture in general.
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