Why Tonight’s “Big Bang Theory” Got it RIGHT (Spoilers)



So hey, you know how non-geek/non-nerd folks who watch “Big Bang Theory” might look at us fanatics and think, “how accurate ARE these characters?” Well, tonight’s episode (Season 7, Episode 14) hit it right out of the park! From a fanatic perspective, here are three reasons why it was perfect writing and acting:

1) “REFRESH REFRESH REFRESH!” – The fight for San Diego Comic Con passes, or “the thirst”, for tickets is real. This is the Super Bowl of pop culture events all year. This is the place to be to meet your idols, get sneak peaks of products/movies/shows, and just be with very likeminded people in the beautiful Gaslamp District. The event draws in over 100,000 people every year, so when you have millions of geeks trying to access a site at once to get tickets, it’s gonna get ugly. And eat up your bandwidth.

2) “Oh, James!” – Sheldon happening upon James Earl Jones (well, after he looked up his whereabouts via Twitter) and them immediately hitting it off, is what Comic/Pop Conventions are all about. There is a saying from “Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope“, a documentary about SDCC, that fans go to Cons to “press the flesh” and meet the people they admire. Sheldon meeting someone he looks up to and forming a close relationship in the journey to meet his Comic Con-minded goal, versus gaining a restraining order like he did from Bill Nye the Science Guy and Stan Lee on the show, is a dream come true for him. A lot of fans fuel happiness with interests, and meeting someone who helps cultivate your joy via pop culture is worth every penny and minute spent at Cons.

3) Tea Parties: When the girls decide that the boys spending their time and money trying to get into the sold-out SDCC is childish, they decide to do a more “mature” activity by going to a local tea-time gathering at a nearby hotel and dressing up. When they discover that it is mostly filled with little girls and it makes them feel old, they retreat to a bar. This follows with a discussion about what it means to be grown up and what gets us through life. Just because someone enjoys dressing up for Comic Cons does not mean they lack maturity or goals because they enjoy something different. And we also learn, no surprise, that Penny still randomly hit-and-runs cars.


About Amanda Rosenblatt

I have always been obsessed with fan stories, the origin of fanaticism and pop culture in general.
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