Netflix Binge

Good humored husband of a Rick Springfield fan.

Good humored husband of a Rick Springfield fan.

Looking for some great fan culture documentaries to catch on Netflix, despite your no-doubt large and ignored queue of films to still watch? Here are two great recommendations:

Catch “An Affair of the Heart“, a documentary about singer/actor Rick Springfield and his fans, if you are looking for something sentimental, emotional, but with no shortage of funny moments. The film, while it focuses on Rick’s busy career, as well as his high and low moments, is really a love letter to his fans, who one of the interview subjects states that Rick “was a d*ck to his fans earlier in his career, and he knew that.” All of the tales shared, from how his music helped one female fan recover from a traumatic heart surgery to him being a mentor to a young musician, it is clear he treasures his audience.

Best-Worst-Movie-ContestThe next doc you must watch is “Best Worst Movie”. This piece puts the highlight on not only the people who were part of a film that is dubbed one of the worst films ever, “Troll 2”, but on the audience who is obsessed with the film. Whether it’s the bad dialogue, the crazy visuals, or the indistinguishable concept of the film (unless you speak to the pretentious Director about it), these fans cannot get enough of the film and have built a cult following off of it.


About Amanda Rosenblatt

I have always been obsessed with fan stories, the origin of fanaticism and pop culture in general.
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