Fans in the News – Week 3, March 2014

Lebron fan gets love for his ink.

Lebron fan gets his hero’s appreciation for his ink.

Lots of sports fans in the news lately! Other than my piece about actor Jay Baruchel’s intense love of hockey, a New York Islanders hockey fan named Jake was given some serious love by his favorite player, the team’s PR associates and fellow fans when he was aggressively harassed for wearing his favorite team’s jersey at a Winnipeg Jets vs NY game. While rivalry in sports is normal, the 11 year old child in question was being bullied so badly he ran out to his parent’s car and hid his jersey in it. Terrible to do that to a child!

In the basketball realm, DC Wizards fan Matt got the experience of a lifetime. He not only landed a half court shot, but he won $500 for it and the crowd went bananas, which you can watch HERE. Finally, we have to talk about the photo featured in this piece. Miami Heat player LeBron James ran into a fan of his at his wife’s business The Juice Spot, who showed him a huge tattoo dedicated to the baller. After some research though, the fan named Michael Arevalo knew it was likely he would meet his hero there, so after many hours of work, realistically days, of tattooing at Sergio Ink, he skulked out the spot. Mission accomplished, indeed!


About Amanda Rosenblatt

I have always been obsessed with fan stories, the origin of fanaticism and pop culture in general.
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  1. That’s my tattoo @mikeyy7241 Twitter

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