Walker Stalkers & Andrew Lincoln

visit TheWalkerStalkers.com

visit TheWalkerStalkers.com

I want to take a moment to gush about these two guys named Eric and James. They run a podcast called The Walker Stalkers that I’ve been following pretty much since their humble beginnings. Their podcast is themed towards all things “The Walking Dead” and has grown into a movement that includes fan-centered conventions all over the United States, and even going international soon!

Aside from all the amazing things they do, these guys personally did something very nice for yours truly. I was one of their first batch of supporters before their conventions were thrown into the public eye for the amazing guests they were able to pull, so they chose a question I had for “Walking Dead” star Andrew Lincoln, who plays the main protagonist Rick Grimes, for me to ask him on air. I was hilariously surprised when it happened, but being caught off guard was my own fault because I neglected to check my email before it happened (oops). Check below the page break for a partial transcript of our interaction, or check out the audio video I made from my part, complete with my fan-girling HERE. Note– It could be a little spoiler-y, if you have not seen Season Three yet:

Amanda Rosenblatt of fan-culture.org asking Andrew Lincoln of "The Walking Dead" a Q on The Walker Stalkers Podcast. Photo credits to Tracey B Wilson & Entertainment Weekly

Amanda Rosenblatt of fan-culture.org asking Andrew Lincoln of “The Walking Dead” a Q on The Walker Stalkers Podcast. Photo credits to Tracey B Wilson & Entertainment Weekly

AMANDA ROSENBLATT (AR): My question to you, Andrew, is I’ve always viewed Rick Grimes as a biblical figure, especially in comparison to the Book of Job (biblical pronunciation “Joe-Beh”), and I’m just wondering if you draw any inspiration from the Bible or any other literary of film sources to kind of draw “Rick” out, as it were?

ANDREW LINCOLN (AL): Yeah, that’s funny you should say that, because, you remember in Season Three when I was, when I went on a rampage after the death of Lori.  I had the axe and I was quoting, people were screaming, I was screaming preparing for the scene when I go ballistic. It was, “Why have you targeted me?” You know, “Why have you chosen [me]?” Which is Job, there’s a direct translation, and I started quoting some bits from Job, because it’s, because he would know. Rick would have grown up with that story and that’s the only equatable, I mean, it’s the trials. The trials that he goes through.

AR: Yeah.

AL: So yeah, you hit the nail on the head! I used it very much. I read the story and researched it before Season Three and then I started to use it and quote it, particularly as I knew what was going to happen after in Season Four, and because he was being pushed out into orbit a little bit with his own sanity. So yeah, that was, the reason I got that was is because I was in France and I was doing an interview with somebody who quoted, he said, you know in a very French philosophical way. (in French accent, mispronouncing “Job”) “Do you think Rick could be, a modern equivalent of Job? The story of Job?” (back to regular accent) I didn’t know what he was talking about, and I went “Oh, Job!”

AL (continued): Anyway, it sort of sowed the seed in my head, and I just thought, “When can I use this?” I mean, they didn’t actually in fact use it ever, but the sound guys did mention something to me. They said, “What were you talking about when you were going crazy?!” And it was the Book of Job, yeah. Well spotted. I’m open to any other suggestions, guys.

And in honor of the fact that I write about  and analyze fan culture, I had to point out what an impact that Andrew, as well as the hosts of the Walker Stalker podcast make to other people:

AR: To have a show like “The Walking Dead” and to have this podcast, all three of you, what you guys do. I don’t know if you know it or not, but it really helps people, and I hope you guys know it, and I really appreciate it, so thank you.

James: Aww.

AL: Thank you, Amanda.

Eric: Thank you, Amanda.

James: We appreciate it so much. That was wonderful. Thank you, Amanda, thank means a lot.

Visit TheWalkerStalkers website so you can find out more about their conventions, their podcast and their awesome antics!



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