It’s Going Down-ey

A sampling of Jasmine's photos showing her passions for film & Robert Downey Jr.

A sampling of Jasmine’s photos showing her passions for film & Robert Downey Jr.

My friend Jasmine once had someone in an advisory position playfully say to her “you can’t put ‘fan girl’ on your resume”, as best I can paraphrase from hearing the story first hand. Though it is true that you probably can’t make a career out of being a fan, although I’m sure it can be done, Jasmine has geared her passion for pop culture towards her future.

Wanting to get into the medium, whether as an actress or behind the scenes, Jasmine has many influences she has mentally indexed while doing a film internship in Los Angeles. Above all, her biggest role model in the business is Robert Downey Jr., who she has been trying to meet or get some sort of contact from for years. I even helped her last summer by appearing in a video asking Ellen Degeneres to assist in accomplishing this goal, which you can view HERE.

Now the tables have turned, for RDJ is now on Twitter. Jasmine made an updated video in February, months before he expanded his social media universe, addressing him directly. I know Jasmine will accomplish her goal, and not just because I want dibs on the first photos or video of the event when it happens! In all seriousness, it would mean a lot to my friend if you would help tweet RDJ THIS video to him to hopefully help make her dream a reality. You can tweet Jasmine about her journey HERE.


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I have always been obsessed with fan stories, the origin of fanaticism and pop culture in general.
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