Fans in the News – Third Week of May 2014

Some bad behavior, which could just be the result of massive misunderstandings in all stories concerned, have both fans AND idols in the news lately. First, we have actor Jack Nicholson refusing to shake the hand of a young fan at a basketball game (his ticket & water appeared to be more important). In related basketball news, a fan blocking the view of the game was so intrusive that a sports announced yelled at him to sit down.

The biggest story is a fan who feels insulted about others bullying her for her Rihanna-lookalike prom dress choice, including as she feels, her idol Rihanna joining in on the ribbing via Twitter. Some details are unclear about this fan’s story though according to Twitter gossip, but Rihanna’s past actions towards fans could tilt the scales. PROS: Rihanna offered to pay for a fan’s funeral, has helped a fan find a bone marrow donor and takes incredibly intimate/funny meet & greet photos with fans. CONS: Rihanna eggs on a fan by calling them ugly and then calls her a cyberbully, she beats someone with a microphone at a concert, and has repeatedly made offensive comments about economically challenged fans (articles HERE and HERE). NOTE: This is not an anti-Rihanna article. It is an opinion piece pointing out evidence of past events and letting fans make up their own minds.


About Amanda Rosenblatt

I have always been obsessed with fan stories, the origin of fanaticism and pop culture in general.
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