Fans ARE NOT Community Service

Lindsay Lohan in court.

Lindsay Lohan in court.

Dear Lindsay Lohan,

Today, news sources have been blowing up the headlines stating you did something controversial. This is an entertainment media norm, as I am sure you know, but when I learned you had the audacity to list your time doing meet and greets with fans as your court mandated community service, I had to comment.

Let me first say that I used to be an avid fan of yours, Ms. Lohan. I remember when you did a retrospective photo shoot for an artistic magazine imitating Marilyn Monroe and having to track down where the outlandishly overpriced piece was sold, even though I was a poor college student. I remember entering a contest on a website to get tickets to a premiere of one of your independent films and the sadness of not winning. I even sat through the abominable”I Know Who Killed Me”, and I remember defending you to other fan friends when you messed up. But this? REALLY?

Let me give you a news flash, Ms. Lohan. Your fans support your career – the one you are fighting to keep alive. They buy your movie tickets, or DVDs of your films, view your reality shows, or in the case where you listed meeting fans after a theater show as “community service”, tickets to your live events. They go to social media to discuss you and defend you. If you truly harbor no feelings of adoration for your fans and see them as purely as a commodity, then in YOUR terms, they can be viewed as your customers. In short, they do not owe you THEIR time to make up for YOUR mistake in 2012 that could have cost people their lives, but did cause injuries to two people, yourself and property damage.

You are lucky to have had fans hang onto their admiration for you, even though frankly one Lindsay fan site that is the top Google result and noted as “The 24/7 Premier Largest Lindsay Fan Site” hasn’t been updated in over a month. You should be ashamed to list your time with them as community service. Community service is serving food to the homeless, or cleaning trash off the streets, or much needed office assistance at a community center. Giving time to your fans is part of your job as a public figure. It constitutes customer service since they consume the products you make via your creative measures.

I surely hope you find these fans you spent time with, since I’m sure you properly documented who you interacted with since it was for court mandated community service, and apologize to them for using them for your own devices. Sincere wishes that this teaches you something.

UPDATE As of 2-26-15: the judge ruled that Lindsay owes more than 100 hours of community service, still, proving officially that giving time to your fans IS NOT community service. Proof HERE


About Amanda Rosenblatt

I have always been obsessed with fan stories, the origin of fanaticism and pop culture in general.
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