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WPlogoCroppedTim Cox knows that life isn’t a walk in the park, sometimes. He’s been through some hard times, but these days, he’s got more reasons to smile. The website designer and promoter started his own online network called PopuLove (read as “pop-YOU-love”) and hopes, that with it, people will be able to get more out of, and do more with, their love of pop culture.

PopuLove has already obtained an interview with singer Neon Hitch, and Tim has more plans to come. Click “read more” or scroll down for my interview with the internet entrepreneur!

Amanda (as Fan Culture, FC): If you had to sum up PopuLove in one sentence, how would you describe it?

Tim Cox (TC): POPULOVE is a beautiful collision of pop music news and human stories that affect us all.

FC: You are a big Lady Gaga fan. You created Radio Artpop, which is very popular and has gained worldwide attention. Can you talk about how you became a Gaga fan and what prompted RAP’s creation?

TC: Well, Lady Gaga kind of got me into pop music. I liked a few artists before her, but when I heard “Paparazzi” in 2008, I began to listen to music on a new level that was more about the words than the genre. I started Radio ARTPOP as a podcast to discuss rumors surrounding her ARTPOP album before we knew anything besides the title, and it’s grown in the YouTube show that Little Monsters and Gaga know and love today.

A collage of Tim's favorite moments as a Lady Gaga fan

A collage of Tim’s favorite moments as a Lady Gaga fan

FC: What are your favorite moments as a Gaga fan?

TC: This might sound corny, but my favorite moment as a Gaga fan is any time Gaga smiles, and I mean -really- smiles. She has this glow about her that tells the fans when she’s really happy, whether she realizes it or not. Of course I have my own moments with her that I could never forget. I won a contest to talk to her on the phone during her Monster Ball tour in 2011 and got to meet her backstage after that. I was able to go backstage again in 2014 to film a project for Radio ARTPOP with her. She is one of the most dedicated people to her work that I have ever met, and even at 3 a.m. after being on stage for two and a half hours and meeting fans for two hours after that, she will still do anything she’s promised if she knows that someone will smile because of it.

FC: What is a typical day for you, these days, with PopuLove’s reach growing, as it is?

TC: A typical day for me would probably be quite boring to anyone watching. I usually have at least one meeting via Skype either with someone interested in creating content for POPULOVE or with other business owners who may help out my website somewhere down the road. I pretty much work from the time I wake up to the time I go to sleep, and that includes writing content, promoting content on social media, organizing content being delivered to me by my awesome team members and trying to find new ways to promote the website.

FC: Why do you think fan culture is so important?

TC: I think fan culture is the future. The reason that celebrities focus so heavily on their fans is because we hold all the power, and when the fans begin to make decisions for themselves rather than be led by the celebrities they love, that starts a revolution. We’re already seeing that revolution online in the music industry. Artists that rebel against their labels are praised by fans, and fans will do anything to help an artist succeed, especially if there aren’t men in suits paying for that success. Nothing that I have accomplished online in the past three years would have been possible without the power of fandoms, the power of fan culture.

FC: Where do you picture yourself five years from now, and do you think you will still be a Gaga fan?

TC: Five years from now, I know I will still be a Gaga fan. Even if her music goes in a direction I wouldn’t normally listen to, I will always appreciate her artistry and love her for her activism and bravery. I hope that five years from now I’m working on some huge project with her. I’ll have the money to do more of what I love and help more people than I’ve ever been able to reach before. If I could paint a perfect future, then five years from now POPULOVE won’t just be talking about the artists, but the artists will be talking about POPULOVE.

Visit PopuLove HERE and follow PopuLove on Twitter HERE


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I have always been obsessed with fan stories, the origin of fanaticism and pop culture in general.
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