Throwback Thursday – iJustine

San Diego Comic Con 2015 broke their record by selling out of tickets within an hour this past week, much to the dismay of realistically millions of pop culture lovers the world over. I have good news though – most of the time, the most exciting and fun stuff happens outside of the convention and it’s most of the time FREE to the public! This is a story for another time though.

Shot from interviewing iJustine at SDCC 2011

Shot from interviewing iJustine at SDCC 2011

For now, this edition of Throwback Thursday is dedicated to a San Diego Comic Con interview that took place with Fan-Culture back in 2011, and to prove my earlier point, it took place outside of the convention center. iJustine, who is a YouTube personality, social media maven, soon to be author, Annoying Orange voiceover artist, has been on Maxim’s Hot 100, Steve Job/Apple tech fanatic, & has been a spokesperson for a number of corporate campaigns, shared her favorite thing about SDCC.

“Honestly, Comic Con for me, is seeing people in costume,” iJ aka Justine Ezarik shared, “and for some reason, I don’t know why, I never dress up. But next year, I am dressing up!”

Did she have any concrete ideas for the costume? “I think I want to be the Little Mermaid. I saw a really good Little Mermaid today!” Since she started her career sharing with viewers pieces of her day to day life, she surely had her night planned, right? “I don’t know yet! There are so many parties and events going on, so I’ll be checking out Twitter. And hey, I’m pretty good at that!”

Check out iJustine’s website HERE, her main YouTube channel HERE & follow her on Twitter HERE. Preorder her much anticipated book HERE!


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