Fans in the News – April 2015

It’s been a while, but the Fans in the News segment is back!

Britney Spears shares condolences on the passing of her fan, Cory Moraw, via Twitter.

Britney Spears shares condolences on the passing of her fan, Cory Moraw, via Twitter.

First, we have an amusing SNL skit that aired last night wherein Michael Keaton hosts and SNL cast perform a music number asking the actor to reprise his Batman and Beetlejuice roles. When the guest host finally did so, the cast members “mark out”, which I’m sure is how the viewers felt, who also love these movies just as much. Read more about it HERE.

Second, with The Walking Dead‘s Season 5 finale happening last week, hardcore fans of the very large TWD Family are all reeling until they can get more episodes. Included in this hoard of fans is Nathan Fillion, from Firefly and Doctor Horrible. The actor wrote a beautiful “love letter” to the people who make the show and what the show means to the fans who watch it HERE.

Last, but certainly not least – news has spread that Britney Spears fan Cory Moraw of Texas passed away today. Cory gained some spotlight attention when the pop star arranged for the terminally ill fan, and his family, to come see her show in Las Vegas and meet her (story HERE). Cory’s mother, Janet, posted on Facebook of the loss – “We are asking that everyone to wear their Tatum Eagles shirts when we do the funeral,” as Cory was known to have a lot of school spirit and was well loved by others. Rest in peace, Cory!


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I have always been obsessed with fan stories, the origin of fanaticism and pop culture in general.
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