Conan Bingo

Photo credit: Amanda Rosenblatt

Photo credit: Amanda Rosenblatt

Conan is a TV talk show giant, and no, that’s not a crack at how tall he is. The red-headed funny man who has written for the Simpsons, won awards for his writing, and has hosted a handful of talk shows. At SDCC 2015 this year, his advertisements have been dominating the area.

One of the biggest advertising campaigns set forth by Team Coco is Conan Bingo at SDCC.


Photo credit: Amanda Rosenblatt

The event, which Fan Culture got to attend, was amazing. There was tons of free food and beverages (alcoholic and none) for fans at the 21+ event. Once fans were escorted to their tables of the posh nightclub setting room with a stage in the middle and a live DJ (DJ Bumblebee), the show began.

There were dancers, great tunes, a comedy MC, and of course, Conan showed up for a good five minute appearance where he interacted with fans and pulled the first ceremonial ball. There were Bingo prizes of the Conan Pop Funko figures, Beats headphones and a mini iPad as the grand prize.


Photo credit: Amanda Rosenblatt

There were intermission games of Bingo Karaoke where the singer improvised a song by adding the word “Balls” to it. Yours truly played karaoke, sang “Bad Balls” (“Bad Blood” from Taylor Swift), and won tickets to a Conan taping. On stage, I gave my extra ticket to a gal I had met that same day who was nice enough to make me her plus one for the event.

The good gesture paid off, as the MC announced later in the night that Conan and his team heard about my nice gesture, were touched by it, and gave me more tickets!

Photo credit: Amanda Rosenblatt

Photo credit: Amanda Rosenblatt

It was an amazing night. To watch a video of it, click HERE. I will have a separate post about attending the Conan TV show taping and anything fun that goes down. I will also do a big post about everything SDCC and Walker Stalker Con Fan Fest!


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