As I Am: DJ AM


DJ AM sticker, courtesy of the Goldstein family, after donating to DJ AM’s memorial foundation after his passing.

I admit with guilt, that I wasn’t a big fan of DJ AM until after his plane crash. Not because I wanted to be a band wagon fan, but because I had barely heard of him until that point. I’ve always been a huge Blink182 fan, but at that time, had been guilty of not really following Mark, Travis and Tom’s side projects. When I heard of Travis surviving a plane crash alongside DJ AM, it was shocking and I was amazed they had survived. I then learned of DJ AM’s life story and I was very inspired.

I had the opportunity in my senior year of college to go a few blocks down the street to see DJ AM aka Adam Goldstein perform at the Gypsy bar in Boston. Because I was focused on homework and being the manager of my college radio station, I was strict on myself and decided not to go, especially since I had just quit my part time job to focus on studies and wanted to save money. A few months later after graduating, DJ AM performed at the Monet Lounge in Providence, which was 15 minutes away from where I was living. Due to not having a car and not wanting to bother any friends to give me a ride, I told myself “I’ll catch him next time.”

There would be no next time. DJ AM passed away in August of 2009.

A blurry shot after meeting Travis Barker of Blink182 & fellow plane crash survivor to DJ AM

Blurry shot after meeting Travis Barker of Blink182 & fellow plane crash survivor

How devastated I was to never get a chance to meet this inspiring person. Someone who overcame obesity, drug abuse, familial abuse & poverty.

What if I had? Would my getting to say to him “you should be proud of the awful things you’ve overcome and I’m glad you’re still here” made any difference? I got to meet Travis Barker, the other plane crash survivor, in March of this year and say these words to his face. He lit up with a smile, telling me it was the nicest thing he ever heard from a fan.

This month will be six years after his passing and earlier this year, I had an epiphany. I owned a piece of DJ AM’s history – a record from his massive collection that was being sold on eBay to benefit his memorial foundation a few years before. I loved that I owned it and lovingly had framed it, but upon moving to the west coast, the frame broke. The record miraculously survived, but I realized it was selfish to hang on to this piece of history, especially when it nearly broke. I donated it to a company looking to preserve the history of deceased celebrities of Hollywood, called Dearly Departed.

You can understand how excited I was to hear of “As I Am,” a documentary on DJ AM’s life. Problem is that they need more funding so the film can actually happen. Please donate by clicking here and spread word. There’s 18 days left and 20% more funding to go!


About Amanda Rosenblatt

I have always been obsessed with fan stories, the origin of fanaticism and pop culture in general.
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