Again – The Bronies are Alright

Do you still think that Bronies aka adult male fans of “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” are lame, not masculine, anti-social, and have no lives? A related question – what’s it like, being stuck back in 2010?

Dustykatt AKA the manliest Brony in the world, next to a very beefy, body-building MLP cosplayer. Photo from @Dusty_Kat on Twitter.

Dustykatt AKA the manliest Brony in the world, next to a very beefy, body-building MLP cosplayer. Photo from @Dusty_Kat on Twitter.

Here are three YouTube channels from YouTube that will shatter any stereotypes you have about Bronies:

Saberspark:  This Brony is likely known for his appearance talking about sociology and gender roles for kids in “A Brony Tale”, a documentary on Netflix from Morgan Spurlock’s company Warrior Poets. In the Brony fan community, he is known for his quirky (bordering on dark) humor in his videos, but also his “feud” with MLP show writer MA Larson. Saberspark has 77.2k subscribers and over 10 million views.

 ACRacebest: This YouTuber is best known for his Bronies React series where he gets a majority of males who are well known in this fan base together to react to episodes of MLP, as well as older generation MLP content and fan created content. He was also brave enough to ask a bunch of foul-mouthed drunk people in Vegas questions about MLP with hilarious results in this video.

ACRacebest & Saberspark next to a smashed demolition car painted like Fluttershy of MLP. Photo from @Toodles3702 on Twitter

ACRacebest & Saberspark next to a smashed demolition car painted like Fluttershy of MLP. Photo from @Toodles3702 on Twitter

ACRacebest also runs a side series about his demolition derby racing on his channel called The Low Budgets. Watch this video where he participates in a rally with Saberspark as a special guest – it’s wild! ACRacebest has 88.5k subscribers and over 17 million views.

Dustykatt Rhoades: Known as the manliest Brony in the world, Dustykatt has been interviewed in two popular Brony documentaries and has been on WWE’s Culture Shock program with Corey Graves. He is known for mentoring younger Bronies who are insecure about society’s judgements to this fan group and often does vlogcasts to the fan community where he encourages charity measures and interviews high profile people. Dustykatt has 19k subscribers and almost 2 million views.

 Honorable mentions: BlackGryph0n has served in the military for years and has helped with Military Bronies React videos. He is a great musician, often collaborates with MLP voice artist Michelle Creber, and is a fixture in the fan community with 20 million views and 100k subscribers at his channel. Also, ACRacebest’s girlfriend Sara, nicknamed Toodles, is a great example to close-minded naysayers that not all Bronies are gay, as goes the tired, unfair and completely unfounded stereotype. She also participates in demolition derbies with him and helps ACRacebest film some of his videos. She also introduced ACRacebest to MLP herself, so there goes the stereotype she is being dragged along with his antics.

If you are still are not convinced after reading this piece and seeing some of videos of these Bronies that they are totally normal, then here is a question for you: Do you still watch Disney movies as an adult, even if you don’t have kids, but still enjoy them? Or cartoons like Bob’s Burgers, The Simpsons, or old 1990’s Nickelodeon shows? Then what’s the problem? Think about it. *mind blown*


About Amanda Rosenblatt

I have always been obsessed with fan stories, the origin of fanaticism and pop culture in general.
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2 Responses to Again – The Bronies are Alright

  1. fuck're you thinking says:

    actually I think most people dislike Bronies because of the fact that they do things like run hate campaigns against minor girls and run rape-joke webcomics with 20,000 followers and make a regular practice out of drawing rape porn of children’s cartoon characters but it’s easier to pretend people hate them because they’re “lame” I guess

    • Now see, I don’t believe in censorship, so I let you post this comment. I would, however, like to point out that you proved my point in my article. You are allowing the actions of a few disturbed individuals who also unfortunately categorize themselves as Bronies to coat the group image of this fandom. You stereotyped all of them. Have you tried to actually befriend or communicate with any of them? I ask genuinely. I do not wish to cause turmoil.

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