SHUT IT DOWN with Jon Taffer

CYoNWPlUsAAgB3LDuring a Facebook live chat earlier with Jon Taffer (of “Bar Rescue”) and over 6k of his fans, Jon shared some cool bits of news via broadcast while his fans took to the chat room. One of them was that there will be a new contest for “Bar Rescue” fans soon where you can be involved in an episode and do recon for Jon! Also, here were some great quotes from Jon:

  • “It’s like I’ve been hugged by America, when I hear things like that.”  -replying to a fan saying he watches the show with his dad every week

  • FAN: “jon can u get me a job?” JON: “(laughs) Maybe you should get your ass offline and go find one. Weren’t expecting THAT, were ya?”
  • Jon said he has been asked many times if he ever would run for President and he said no, he would not.
  • The best fan experience I’ve ever had? The best ones were those where I’ve impacted peoples lives. I remember in an airport recently, there was this 20 year old guy at a Burger King stand at 6 in morning who jumped over the counter, hugged me and thanked me for all the advice I’ve given on the show and on social media. He used to be a dish washer and now, he’s since become the assistant manager. Hugs and an emotional connection mean more to me, honestly.”



About Amanda Rosenblatt

I have always been obsessed with fan stories, the origin of fanaticism and pop culture in general.
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