Five YouTubers You SHOULD Be Watching


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There are some big juggernauts on YouTube that you are likely familiar with, if you frequent the video-centric site. There are the accounts that belong to famous talk show hosts such as Conan O’Brien, sure, but there are also the big YouTube personalities like iJustine, PewDiePie, Markiplier and Boogie2988. However, since over 300 hours of new content is uploaded to YouTube every minute (and you can refer to THIS ARTICLE if that number seems unrealistic), there are many more talented Content Creators to explore.

Here are Five YouTubers with under 1 million subscriptions that you will be doing yourself a HUGE service to check out:

  1. Lamarr Wilson – As soon as you hear the catchy theme song of this YouTuber’s channel, you know you are a goner. Lamarr is known for his reviews of tech devices, as well as toys and other fun products – he also LOVES him some Wonder Woman. He also has very funny collab videos with other noteworthy YouTubers that are either of iJustine YouTube fame, or other talents who manage to fly under the radar. His videos are light-hearted, funny and family friendly. You can become one of his newest subs by going HERE
  2. Fresh Baked Disney – Wish you could visit Disneyland all the time? Have you visited before, or never have, and want some inside info on what to do, and HOW to make the most of your time (even though the motto of the channel is to LET Disney happen to you and not go in with an agenda)? Our intrepid guides in all things Disneyland are Sara and David, along with a rotating gaggle of good friends. This crew is very entertaining to watch and listen to. From ride-through videos of attractions to visits of gift shops in/around the park, and interactive videos such as their AMA’s and Knothole Gang updates of new attractions, their enthusiasm for The Happiest Place on Earth with their wide library of content is infectious. Become one of their Muffins by going and subscribing HERE
  3. Olan Rogers – Watching the videos of Olan Rogers is a magical experience. Whether it’s one of his professional short films, his cartoon “Final Space,” some of his vlogs where he tells an outlandish story, or perhaps his “Rollin’ with Olan” series, there is something here for everyone. His honesty and the emotional quality of some of his videos about his life and the adversities he has overcome will also give you serious inspiration. Go HERE and make sure you subscribe today!
  4. Saberspark – One of the pioneers in the Brony movement (AKA adult men who are fans of the series “My Little Pony” who challenge modern masculinity), Saberspark recently celebrated 100k subs. He has very entertaining list-oriented videos that evaluate some short comings of current cartoons, YouTube itself, what fandoms have become societally, and much more. He also has a great number of Brony-centric videos that are very funny, as well as a very in-depth documentary on what caused the Brony movement as it is today. Go and give him a new sub HERE It is also worth mentioning his good friend ACRacebest, who is just around the corner from having 100k subs himself, has lots of videos with Saberspark in them, but also has great travel videos and a series called “The Low Budgets” where he does demolition derby style car racing.
  5. GentleWhispering – The ASMR movement has definitely gained momentum over the past few years. Maria, aka GentleWhispering, is for sure one of the poster kids of this genre in YouTube videos. Known for relaxing videos with trigger sounds that people have soothing neurological reactions to, Maria’s channel is very unique. Being from Russia, she will commonly record an English and a Russian version of her video where she teaches us in hushed tones with lots of tapping, crinkling and other trigger noises, how to cook different dishes, how to give a therapeutic massage, or even how to speak a different language. You can subscribe to her HERE, or if ASMR is not your thing, she recently created a side channel called Sassy Masha Vlogs (Masha being her nickname) where she speaks in a normal tone of voice and talks about things going on in her life, which also includes some educational elements.

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I have always been obsessed with fan stories, the origin of fanaticism and pop culture in general.
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