Disneyland Diary

I recently paid a visit to Disneyland. I feel very lucky that I live less than two hours away (pending the ever-changing Southern California traffic) from the Happiest Place on Earth. Since my last few visits have been during the Halloween Season, I thought it would be cool to visit right before they end the Season of the Force Star Wars theme period, so here are some eye candy goodies for you all:

Photo by Amanda Rosenblatt

Photo by Amanda Rosenblatt

From the get-go, I saw this awesome gal with this cool denim vest covered in Disney pins. This was a recurring theme throughout the day – the fans of the Disney parks have unique ways of displaying, and trading, their pins. She even had a tote bag that was covered in pins, as well!

The Star Wars fans were definitely out in full force (pun intended?) and they were for sure taking advantage of the tail end of the Season of the Force events going on. Even when waiting in line for a tram from the Mickey and Friends parking structure, we got inadvertently cut in line by a guy wearing a cool shirt with patterns from the space fight scenes from the franchise and a gal with lightsabers in her hair. They turned out to be pretty nice, too, so I couldn’t be too mad they shuffled their way in front of us.

Photo by Amanda Rosenblatt

Photo by Amanda Rosenblatt

Next, I saw some truly amazing Star Wars merchandise in the gift shop attached to Star Tours, which will sadly (but allegedly) be closed and re-themed in 2018. This Dooney & Bourke bag is the Zip Satchel, comes with an attachable shoulder strap, and is made of real leather. The patterns on all the bags will be different for each bag, but have the same concept. The bag is a good size – I can fit my iPad 2 with a pretty thick keyboard case, my wallet, two glasses cases, and a zip pouch with my external hard drive in it. Worth $300 when you factor in the taxes and shipping costs, if you don’t buy it in the park? Meh, I’ll wait until I see more of these used/cheaper on either eBay or one of the Disney D&B group pages later in time.

Photo by Amanda Rosenblatt

Photo by Amanda Rosenblatt

A really fun fan encounter I had that I wish I had enough video storage on my memory card was truly awesome. While waiting to meet Chewbacca at the Launch Bay, I caught a glimpse of a girl’s leg tattoo that looked like a Storm Trooper surrounded by flowers. I talked to them and it turns out, it was a group of friends who traveled to Disneyland together and all got Star Wars themed tattoos. Because it was rather dark in the Launch Bay, even with the flash, I couldn’t grab the best quality photos, but I did like this dude’s Sailor Jerry inspired tattoo the best, so I wanted to share it.

Photo by Brad Acevedo

Photo by Brad Acevedo

The rest of the day was pretty great. Chewbacca tried to teach me Wookie (VIDEO HERE), we saw a kid beam Darth Vader in his junk (VIDEO HERE) & when we left, we saw this AMAZING custom Star Wars car in the parking lot. It will be so great when Star Wars Land will be open in a few years, but if you want to see some construction going on, check out a glimpse in this video HERE.


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