Nerd Persecution

Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 7.23.47 PMThings have taken an odd turn in the world of being a nerd (geek? whatever your preference). I’ve noticed some negativity and hostility towards our ilk.

First, I had an R2D2 Mickey Mouse pair of ears from Disney that I was wearing in the Tampa Airport a few months back, along with my R2D2 carry on roller luggage. I got a lot of compliments during my travels, HOWEVER, a bro-type dude with a Yankees cap, designer clothes and a Louis Vuitton bag looked at me, laughed and said “does that light up?” pointing to the bag.

I thought he was genuinely interested, so I told him I took the battery out. He asked if I was a little old to be a space cadet. I told him my accessories were Star Wars related, first off, and secondly, no. He shrugged and said “same [expletive], right?” Granted, karma bit him hard because he lost a designer bracelet he was wearing while boarding the plane, was yelled at by a flight attendant when he tried to hold up the line of people loading in to find it, and despite offering a $50 reward via a flight announcement, never got it back.

The next incident was going to a communal farewell dinner for some friends who are moving from SoCal to the Midwest. At the dinner, there was a gal there who had come as a date for one of the mutual friends. I did not know her. She was not only making fun of the people at the table playing Pokemon Go (which I’ll get to, in a moment), but she looked right at me and said “I would say your purse is cute, but it’s Star Wars themed.” Very rude thing to say about someone else’s property, especially when you don’t even know them.

Finally, we come to Pokemon Go. I am not playing it, as I have a rather old smart phone and a minimal data plan. However, I think the phenomena is cool, for those who are not ruining it by being unsafe and generally douchey about their skills with the game, in terms of how they treat others. But then, here comes the avalanche of nerd hate from the little snow balls I’ve seen coming down the hill, as of late.

I have seen and heard, first hand and via internet news, SO MUCH venom spewed towards Pokemon Go players. Saying how we nerdy adults have no life and we’re too old to be playing this kind of augmented reality game. To leave it for the kids.

First of all – People my age (in their mid-twenties to early thirties) grew up with Pokemon! Why aren’t we allowed to enjoy something that was introduced to us when WE were kids?

Second of all – I don’t take much stock in the insult to “get a life” because that’s been an insult geared towards our community for years.

Thirdly, and finally – Doesn’t the fact that we have something getting people out of the house who otherwise may have health issues, anxiety issues, and what have you to walk places, interact with others and have an external goal constitute HAVING a life?

I’m very confused as to what you haters want us to do. Sit in a corner and stay away from your public places? SORRY. We are entitled to enjoy the great outdoors, even if it’s just a park or a mall, just as much as you are. Try taking up a hobby like we have – you may be surprised how your POV changes.


About Amanda Rosenblatt

I have always been obsessed with fan stories, the origin of fanaticism and pop culture in general.
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