Photo by Tracey B. Wilson

Photo by Tracey B. Wilson

Amanda Rosenblatt is a graduate of Suffolk University (BSJ) and enjoys SEO strategy, social media, puppies, coffee, and long walks on the beach (she is not running for Miss America).

She started her exploration of fan culture in 2008 when she began promoting, via fan sites and social media platforms, for world famous explorer/entertainer Josh Gates alongside his TV shows: Syfy series Destination Truth and Travel Channel’s Expedition Unknown. She has been a Press Pass holder for San Diego Comic Con, New York City Comic Con, Chicago’s C2E2, TerrorCon RI, Walker Stalker Con & San Diego’s Travel/Adventure Show. She runs promotional Twitter accounts and Facebook fan pages with follower numbers in the five digit mark (that would be thousands).

Amanda has also appeared in Morgan Spurlock’s Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope and served as a professional journalist/brand representative for Virgin Mobile and TalentHouse in Spring of 2011. She enjoys being a Staff Member/Writer for The Arnold Fans, an Arnold Schwarzenegger fan promo site, and has been guest blogged multiple places online.

Check out info on Amanda’s podcast programs HERE and some exclusive interviews she has achieved HERE

Email Amanda for interviews, story suggestions, story/press proposals, advertising inquiries, or business purposes by tweeting @fanDASHculture or emailing AmandaRosenblatt AT Yahoo DOT com


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  1. bla2222 says:

    Really happy to find your website through a google search. The listing of movies about fans was really useful for my interests.



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