Associated Projects

cropped-fanculture-banner2 creator Amanda Rosenblatt is associated with the following fan themed passion projects. The best part of being a fan is taking away the experience, and each of these adapts to this philosophy. Each title in bold is a clickable link to take you to said project location:

Amanda drawn into a comic from her work at Singularity Fan Pages. Click to access site!

Amanda drawn into a comic from her work at Singularity Fan Pages. Click to access site! (est. 2008) Dedicated primarily to news about Joshua Gates and his projects “Destination Truth”, “Expedition Unknown”, and otherwise related. Her work with this site has garnered her press invites to San Diego Comic Con, C2E2, New York City Comic Con, TerrorConRI and professional media events such as the Syfy Channel Relaunch of 2009. Josh Gates is a supporter of the site, has been on the site’s fan podcast many times, and has even participated in fan meet-ups coordinated through this site.

monsters_thumb“Manifesto of the  Monster Blogger”. Released April 2011. Examines the Lady Gaga fan community, aka Little Monsters. Brought to you in part by Virgin Mobile & TalentHouse. Click HERE to view it. (added to “Staff” in 2013) Amanda has written various articles and has done research for this prestigious Arnold Schwarzenegger fan site, and has recently been given opportunities to interview celebrities and media personalities associated with Arnold’s various projects. She has a surprise coming soon, a collaborative in association with her fellow TAF staff, and she hopes to someday get to meet or interview The Austrian Oak himself.

kfrlogo_may2014Kesha Fan Radio (est. 2013) Created as a place to go for Kesha (Ke$ha) fans, aka Animals, to talk about their fandom in a safe place and to promote the pop star herself. The podcast, now part of the PopuLove Network, ended up unexpectedly seeing Kesha and her fans through a very difficult time period where she was in rehab for an eating disorder and battling her record label for creative control. Kesha herself, with over 3 million followers, has recognized the program multiple times and it is a goal to have the singer herself on the program someday for an interview for a future podcast. Visit the site HERE



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